10 Safety rules when using a sewing machine

Working with any device is a great responsibility; therefore, to avoid accidents you should follow certain rules of use. Do not use appliance without reading the instruction of using, because even a slight violation may harm you or break the device.


Here is a brief description of 10 rules when using a sewing machine

  1. Before using the device, remove the yarn and needle remaining from the previous use and check that it is turned on;
  2. Check the correctness of bobbin installation;
  3. When you first use a device, first connect the pedal to the machine, and then plug it into the mains, while turning off, do the opposite;
  4. The light source has to be located left or in front of the user;
  5. The distance from the user to the device must be 4-6 inch (ca. -15 cm) in size;
  6. By the sewing machine, you have to sit straight, slightly bend your head forward; legs should stand on the pedal, right slightly ahead of the left; hands must be lying on the product while working, right in front of the left, under the sleeve of the machine;
  7. Keep your hands at a safe distance from the working part of the mechanism, if the fabric is denser than usual, you can make it works more slowly;
  8. Install necessary materials for use only when the device is switched off, otherwise, you can injure your hands;
  9. If you have long hair you have to put it up because it can lead to breakage of the mechanism when it hits the working part;
  10. Fill the machine up with grease and clean it, only the device that is disconnected, otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock (in case the sewing machine is electric) or physical damage.

Important Safety Rules

Working with the device may only people who know how to fill the threads and monitor the cleanliness and serviceability of the device. Otherwise, near the user should be a person who understands the principles of using this device and can help to avoid an accident.

The flywheel of the machine rotates only in one direction to the user. To avoid damage to the clamping knife and the rails (fabric engine), do not allow the machine to be worn with the lowered paw if the cloth is not underneath it. Do not allow the machine to operate if the coil has not locked in the shuttle by a spool latch. Before starting sewing, do not press the foot pedal of the clip of the cloth. To avoid bending and breakage of the needle, do not pull the fabric during sewing as the appropriate rail raises the fabric. 

Sewing Machine Safety is the most important part of using. If the tailor smells the burned rubber, when the machine is work, the user must stop the machine.



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