How to Wind a Bobbin on Your Sewing Machine

Sewing equipment requires special attention in terms of maintenance. Long-term successful operation must be properly amortized - in particular, timely replacement of the thread and replacement of the main parts of the sewing mechanism will give you many years of efficient, trouble-free operation. Although the bobbin is only a small part of the sewing mechanism — without improper step-by-step machine winding, the connection between the main thread and other parts of the sewing mechanism will definitely be broken.

How to Wind a Bobbin on Sewing Machine

Particular models of sewing equipment should be provided with appropriate bobbin mechanism types. The principles are approximately the same, but the position of the working hood can be completely different.
In the event that you have lost the manual with pictures, familiarize yourself with the sewing machine equipment. Instructions and tutorials can be found online. Often, bobbin cases can be equipped with an additional body or top loader.
Winding a bobbin guide:

  • Removing the old bobbin;
    Before you wind up the sewing machine, be sure to displace the old part — just pull it out of the cover. Be sure to make sure your needle is in the up position. Immediately after, the sewing machine should be set to medium speed to maintain control over the sewing machine. It is recommended to start with a standard bobbin - just remove the old thread and thread in the new color. When shopping, try to get different types of thread for different types of bobbins.
  • Determine the main details;
    You are now ready to follow the next steps in winding the sewing machine bobbin. Be sure to check the top of the sewing equipment while winding. Before performing a task, locate the spindle, bobbin winder and thread guide. The attached manual should include detailed instructions on how to properly wind the bobbin box by hand.
  • Disengage the clutch;
    If it is more convenient for you, disengage the clutch so that the needles don’t move up and down. Most often, this is the handle inside the flywheel. Not all models of sewing equipment may require this.
  • Thread the sewing machine;
    The bobbin should be placed upward on the bobbin winder. Place the selected thread on the spool pin beforehand. Then simply wrap the thread around the thread guide and then pull the thread from the inside into the small hole at the top of the bobbin. This will secure the sewing equipment and easily thread new thread.
  • Click on the spot;
    If the bobbin clicks normally, then you are ready to start the bobbin winder.
  • Start winding;
    Start slowly, making sure that you are winding the thread in the correct direction without curling the working thread. After, cut the thread beforehand. Then blow up the bobbin and fill it. The vast majority of sewing machines stop automatically when the bobbin has already been wound or got extreme tension.
  • Reset mechanism;
    Open the sewing machine device to the left (or right, depending on the sewing machine model), and cut the end of the thread. You now have a perfectly wound bobbin in your hands.
    The upper and lower threads should be in harmony with each other — so questions like how to wind a bobbin on your sewing machine will not appear at all.



The bobbin is the main mechanism of the sewing machine. During operation, the mechanism holds the thread, forming stitches on the wrong side of the fabric. Specialized experts strongly recommend only those bobbin models that are made specifically for the machines of a particular manufacturer. Otherwise, your stitches will not work out correctly and the sewing will not be fun at all.

Instruments for Correct Bobbin Winding

        Very often, manufacturers add additional tools to the products for winding the bobbin bobbin. If you are lucky and you have an additional set of sewing equipment in your hands, then you will save a lot of time.
Also, the included tools are very handy for winding bobbins if you don't want to remove the top spool from the machine later, while winding a bobbin continues.

Preparatory Work

How do I wind the bobbin? For the most effective result, you will need to first carry out several simple procedures:

  • Plug in the equipment and press the main switch to turn on the power;
  • Keep the instruction manual nearby in case of emergency. Stock up on the following materials — a spool of light thread, at least one spool, and scissors;
  • Note: If you don’t have operating instructions, you will most likely not find them on the Internet. To do this, you will need to search by the make and model of the machine. If absolutely necessary, you can contact the sewing equipment technical support service directly or find a third-party sewing equipment manual distributor in the Internet. Responding to the model of the sewing equipment, the manual can be free or paid — check the information on the official website.
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