Types of Sewing Machines

Types of Sewing Machines

When you choose a sewing machine, it is necessary to take into account many features, especially the necessary functions. There are two types of machines: industrial and household. Industrial type intends for mass production, so let consider here the household type of machine. If you're just starting to sew, you will come across a regular mechanical or electronic sewing machine, but if you are doing it more professionally and you need to do something fast or use special sewing techniques, you should know the available types of sewing machines and the cooler options of purchase from well-known manufacturers.

So what types of sewing machines are there?

  1. Mechanical machine. You don`t need to use electricity, their advantage over others lies in their durability. Disadvantages: to use them you must use physical force (the rotation of the handle of the flywheel or they have a gentle). Mechanical machines can handle a limited number of rows in a straightforward form. The flywheel of an electromechanical machine rotates an electric motor, and the speed of sewing is controlled by pressing the pedal;
  2. Electromechanical machine. Its special feature is the mechanical selection of seams. There are two types: horizontal and vertical. When you choose a horizontal type boat, it is unnecessary to adjust the tension of the thread from below, often to lubricate the unit; the width of the rows is 7 mm. When you choose a horizontal type boat, the advantage is durability, reliability, economical maintenance, but the width of the line cannot exceed 5 mm. Also, this type of machine creates a high level of noise;

  3. Electronic machine. This version of the device provides a wide arrangement of creative features, applications that are more useful and functions, the button start-stop, which is present in some models, allow you to do stitches without a pedal. You can switch operation by using the electronic block. The front panel has a speed adjustment slide, the maximum puncture strength is stored in any high-speed mode; 
  4. Computerized machine. The most suitable type of sewing machine has brought the sewing art to a new level because the user can choose from a large number of seams and connect the embroidery module. Sewing with a double needle, comfortable illumination, the presence of a removable sleeve platform, electric drive for speed control these are the bonuses that pleasure lovers of comfort; 
  5. Sewing and embroidery machine. This machine has the most sophisticated device. Thanks to the additional equipment and modern programs of creating real works of art at home, it became a reality. The sewing capabilities of such machines are virtually unlimited: more than 500 work and decorative operations, about 10 kinds of loops, automatic tension adjustment of the upper and lower threads, several types of alphabets and numbers, work needles in more than 20 directions, many tuning and preparation processes automated. Users carry complex drawings on the subject out, use quilting functions, patchwork, make lace and applique. Using a personal computer, you can create compositions from existing designs, as well as devise your own storyboards for embroidery;

  6. Overlockers. A very useful addition to the sewing machine. 2/3/4/5-thread overlocks sew, smear and cut the fabric at the same time. The material feed differential will make it easier to work with knitwear. A wide selection of extra legs will allow you to sew stitches, beads, wrinkles, and folds.

If you have already decided which type of sewing machine suits you the most, you should also know about the manufacturers of each of the types. After all, each manufacturer has its own peculiarities: advantages and disadvantages in the production of machinery. All firms divided into two categories: European (Pfaff, Husqvarna, and Bernina) and those located in low-cost countries (Brother, Janome, Jaguar, etc.). Inexpensive Pfaff and Bernina electromechanical machines are also going to Taiwan, and only Husqvarna is on the market for cars of any class in the Swedish assembly.

The most famous manufacturers of sewing machines and their products:

  1. Brother is a Japanese manufacturer. Releasing as industrial sewing and embroidery machines, and household, Brother widely introduced in the market today and is the market leader.
    1. Electromechanical machine: BROTHER HQ19, BROTHER X-10, BROTHER LS-5555, BROTHER RS-40s;
    2. Computerized machine: BROTHER Modern 210E, BROTHER JS-50, BROTHER JS-40, BROTHER Innov-is A16;
    3. Sewing and embroidery machine: Brother Innov-is F440E (NV- F440E),  BROTHER Innov-is M230E, BROTHER NV-1250 (Innov-is 1250);
    4. Overlockers: BROTHER 4234D, BROTHER 3034DWT, BROTHER HF4000ST, BROTHER 655D;
  2. Jack specializes in the production of industrial sewing machines. The most popular products are Jack E4-44M03 / 333 (industrial overlock), Jack JK-F4 (industrial sewing machine with built-in servomotor), Jack JK-F4-7 (industrial sewing machine);
  3. Juki is a well-known Japanese company with 80 years of experience in the market.
    1. Electromechanical machine: Juki HZL - 35 Z, Juki HZL - 25 Z, Juki HZL-27Z;
    2. Computerized machine: Juki Hzl-F600, Juki HZL-F400, Juki QM-900 Qulit Majestic;
    3. Overlockers: Juki MO 644 D, Juki Majestic MO-55e, Juki MO 654DE;
  4. Singer Corporation - American manufactures corporation.
    1. Electromechanical machine: SINGER Supera 5523, INGER Talent 3321, SINGER Fashion Mate 3333;
    2. Computerized machine: SINGER Patchwork 7285Q, SINGER Confidence 7640, SINGER Starlet 6680;
    3. Sewing and embroidery machine: SINGER FUTURA CE-250, Singer Futura XL-400;
    4. Overlockers: SINGER 14HD854 Heavy Duty, SINGER 14SH 654.
  5. Janome is a large corporation with three large factories in Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan.
    1. Electromechanical machine: JANOME SE 525 (Sewist 525), JANOME MX 55, JANOME 1225 s;
    2. Computerized machine: JANOME 450MG, JANOME 4100L, JANOME Clio 200, JANOME Excellent Stitch 300;
    3. Sewing and embroidery machine: JANOME Memory Craft 500E, JANOME Memory Craft 350E, JANOME Skyline S9;
    4. Overlockers: JANOME MyLock T-72, JANOME ArtDecor 724D, JANOME MyLock 944D.


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