How to Thread a Sewing Machine. The Main Accents and Aspects industrial sewing equipment threading is the key aspect to correct sewing and processing of each seam, which is the key to making a truly quality product. Industrial equipment, in most cases, looks roughly the same. Due to this fact, standardized equipment must be equally well threaded. 
Among the most common models of sewing equipment, a tension disc is located in the upper left corner of the machine, next to the tension arm and tension wheel. The bobbins and bobbin winder are located on the right side of the machine. The handwheel is usually located on the far left, and the stitch type switch is on the bottom right side of the sewing equipment. Considering the particular type of sewing equipment, the spool pin may be on the back of the machine or on the side next to the bobbin winder.

How to Thread a Sewing Machine


Correct threading is required to obtain reliable and beautiful seams, with the correct processing and securing of each individual stitch. Although most sewing equipment types differ significantly in size and model, the mechanism on home and industrial equipment is completely different. At the same time, threading is a fairly simple process that takes less than 5 minutes, nevertheless, it is the key to qualitative work. So, how to thread a sewing machine, step-by-step guide follows up.

Step-by-step Guide to Threading a Sewing Machine

Right before rethreading, turn off the power completely. The threading process is pretty simple:
  • At the beginning of the process, you must set the presser foot to the up position, then slide the spool of thread onto the spool holder. For best results, find at least one thread guide in the spool holder (located at the top of the sewing machine) and then simply insert the thread into it;
  • Find the tensioning mechanism. To do this, temporarily lower the selected thread into the tensioning mechanism and pass the thread between the tensioning discs. After, just pull the thread up;
  • Mostly, the tensioner is located at the front and will rise and fall as the handwheel is turned. Best way to thread your sewing machine — pass the thread right through the winding lever. Note, that some sewing equipment models are configured so that the thread will enter the winding lever automatically, while others will require manual threading;

Threading Machine

  • The threads leading downward should be threaded directly into the needle. Specialists strongly recommend using both hands when threading — hold the thread with your left hand, turn the handwheel synchronously with the other;
  • If the thread breaks, you probably missed the thread guide. Restart the process. 

Threading my Machine. Professional Advices

  • Right before setting up the sewing machine, thoroughly clean and lubricate it for maximum performance;
  • At the beginning of the sewing process, operate at initial speeds to check  the thread periodically;
  • Practice with swatches or trims to experience a simple straight stitch;
  • Use only the highest quality threads so that there is no lint left in the mechanism after work;
  • If the stitching is uneven, you need to precisely adjust the tension;
  • The needle needs to be changed regularly.

Threading a Sewing Machine



Proper maintenance of sewing equipment is a key aspect of professional work. High-quality equipment requires maximum attention to such seemingly trifles as the proper threading, equipment cleaning, etc. By following the advice of leading professionals and the instructions for refueling your sewing machinery, you will always operate the equipment that deserves the highest rating.
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