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Brother BAS-326H-07A (220MMx100MM) Extra heavy seat belt pattern sewer

Brother BAS-326H-07A (220MMx100MM) Extra heavy seat belt pattern sewer

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Brother BAS-326H-07A (220MMx100MM) Extra heavy seat belt pattern sewer

The Brother BAS-326H-07A (220MMx100MM) Extra Heavy Seat Belt Pattern Sewer is a specialized industrial sewing machine designed for sewing heavy materials such as seat belts, webbing, and other thick fabrics. It is commonly used in the automotive industry, as well as in manufacturing and repair of bags, backpacks, and other heavy-duty products.

Superior Quality and High Speed

The machines provide the highest quality sewing exactly the way it is programmed even at high-speed sewing with maximum performance according to each sewing area.
With the high functional LCD touch panel that offers easy programming, the preparation time can be reduced
This machine is a very flexible piece of machinery. Allowing you to sew any pattern desired within the sewing field of 220mm x 100mm

The machine will sew a pattern, cut the thread and move to the next part of the application e.g sewing handles on a mattress; it will sew one box and cross on one side of the handle, trim the thread, then move to the other side of the handle and sew the box and cross on the other side

World Top-Class Sewing Speed of 2,800sti/min with High-Quality Sewing
High Rigid feeding command beautiful stitching even at high-speed sewing
A higher rigid feed mechanism was adopted while achieving the world's top-class sewing speed of 2,800sti/min
With its accurate stitch point, the machine can perform beautiful stitching with stable thread tightening.

Digital Tension and Thread Breakage Detector as Standard Equipment
The upper thread tension can be digitalised with the digital tension, providing stable stitching. No more relying in individual feel.
When thread breakage is detected, sewing operation is stopped automatically and a warning is given to the operator, leading to the less detectives

Great Needle Penetration
A powerful motor (550W) outputs large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. If the needle penetration resistance increases, vibration control automatically increases the penetration force.

High Energy Saving
This machine is the most energy-saving programmable electronic pattern sewing machine among it's class, while realising high-speed sewing and strong needle penetration force.


Single needle 

Automatic programmable pattern stitch/flag stitch machine

Sewing field of 220mm x 100mm

19.5mm presser foot lift height

30mm clamp foot lift

12.7mm max stitch length

Large double capacity hook

Under-bed thread trim

Pneumatic clamp - you will need an air compressor

This machine comes with a twelve-month guarantee 

Bed Type Flat-bed
Brand Brother
Machine Level Auto-Functions
Machine Type Bartack
Manufacturer’s guarantee twelve-month
Max stitch length 12.7mm
Motor Type Direct-drive
Sewing area 220MMx100MM
Max Sewing Speed (sti/min) 2800
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