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Jack JK-T1900GSK-D Electronic lockstitch (Direct Drive) button sewer industrial sewing machine

Jack JK-T1900GSK-D Electronic lockstitch (Direct Drive) button sewer industrial sewing machine

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Brand: Jack
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Jack JK-T1900GSK-D Electronic lockstitch (Direct Drive) button sewer industrial sewing machine

The JACK JK-T1900GSK-D is a high-speed electronic Button Sewer on a variety of materials from light to medium fabrics.

Jack sewing machine is a new leading supplier in direct drive motors.

Their machine always has a unique design, and advanced futures to assist you with your sewing

All of their machines use direct-drive motors, meaning the machine doesn't vibrate when you sew. It works very quietly, it saves electricity and helps the environment.

The direct-drive motor pushes the needle harder into the material, making it easier to sew and smother as well.

Jack industrial sewing machine is recommended for tailoring, fashion designers, alterations shops, schools, colleges, home, & dry cleaners.

This machine comes with a ton of high-tech features - most notably its onboard LCD Touch Screen control panel. 

This is such an easy interface for selecting patterns, fine-tuning pattern lengths and widths, adjusting the speed on-the-fly, keeping up with sewn piece counts, and many other useful tools for extremely efficient production environments.

The machine is of very high quality with German engineered stepping motors and drives electronics. 

These offer high speed and precision not matched by any other Chinese-made button sewer 

As a matter of fact, it's on even ground with the most popular Japanese-made machine for a substantially discounted price.

The machine comes with 100 pre-programmed patterns including:

horizontal tacks in varying lengths, widths, and stitch counts

If you need a complete machine that offers high quality, flexibility, and power - consider the JACK JK-T1900GSK-D electronic  button sewer first

Standard machine’s equipment: work clamp kit for using the machine as a button sewing machine

This machine is offered with a 12 month back to base Guarantee

Accessories Cover, Drawer, Instruction Manual, 2 Pack Needles, Bobbins, Oil
Auto-lifter Provided as standard (stepping motor type)
Bed Type Cylinder-bed
Brand Jack
Clamp lift 13 mm
Direct-drive motor 450W compact AC servo motor
Feed motion of clamp Intermittent Feed by Stepping Motors
Feed Type Top and Bottom-feed
Hook Standard Semi-Rotary Hook with Oil-Wick Lubrication
LCD Touch Screen Control Panel Yes
Light LED needle light
Lubrication Automatic
Machine Level Auto-Functions
Machine Type button sewer
Manufacturer’s guarantee This machine is offered with a 12 month back to base Guarantee
Motor Type Direct-drive
Needle bar stroke 41.2mm
Needle System DP×17,135x17 (#21) #14~#23
Needle Thread Tensions Electronic / Adjustable
Power requirement Single-phase 200V~240V 13 amp (can be used at home)
Stitch length (mm) 0.1 mm to 10 mm (adjustable in .1 mm steps)
Table top dimensions L125cm x W60cm Height Adjustable from 70cm to 86cm
Weight of the machine head Machine head (include motor) 42kg, Control box 5.6kg
Max Sewing Speed (sti/min) 3,200sti/min
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