Blind stitch sewing machine

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Industrial Blind Stitch Machine Features

What is a blind stitch machine used for?

Blind stitch machines are commonly used in the textile industry for hidden seam processing. To achieve better results, such type sewing machines operate a curved needle for optimal sewing at the required speed modes.
What are the main advantages of industrial blind stitch machines?
  • Excluding stitch breaks during processing. Such models of blind sewing machines are equipped with specific sensors that detect the stepped seam part and automatically move the slider to prevent further tearing.
  • Automatic working edge slide adjunction. Most models use a solenoid to securely fasten the working edge. Also, the sensor detects the stepped part of the seam and fixes the guide for the smooth bias of the working edge along the seam.
  • Optimized working edge path management. The blind edge is controlled by the knee switch so it can change the trajectory of the working edge directly during sewing by pressing a foot pedal.
  • Standard sewing mode option. Using the lever transmission, the sewing mode can be changed at any time (for exampling, to process quilting and unique stitch types), easily switching to the standard for processing other types of seams.
  • Easy to clean mechanism. The main processing device easily extends and may be cleaned of the thread and fabric remnants in several minutes.

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Technical aspects for choosing blind stitch machine

While choosing the best blind stitch sewing machine for sale, qualified specialists recommend to accent attention to the following technical aspects:
  • Stitching speed. The maximum speed of some overlock models reaches 40,000 rpm. For most types of mass textile production will be enough 20 000+ rpm, in the absence of thick fabrics processing requirement;
  • The gap between the looper and the needle. It should be easily tuned for different types of fabrics and seams, and completely suitable for all types of needles that are used in the production of clothes and accessories. Comfortable option if it can be changed during the processing, for wider types of operating diversity. Modern types of blind stitching machines are able to process dozens of stitches with the option to easily and fast change the current mode of fabrics processing;
  • The maximum range of types of fabric for processing. Nowadays, most textile industries should process numerous types of different fabric types to be able to provide the broadest products diversity;
  • Adjustable stitch depth for processing fabrics of different thicknesses. Modern models of blind stitching machines are able to change stitch depth «on the move» to increase total production speed;
  • Possibility of using industrial needle types. Some manufacturers use unique needle types, so chosen stitching machine should be able to use all of them;
  • The case model is an important aspect since the most reliable sewing machines models are equipped with a full-metal cast case for better stability during operation;
  • Guarantee period. Most stitching machine types are provided with a 12-month guarantee period, depending on the manufacturer.




Actual Assortment of blind stitch sewing machine for sale

What blind stitch sewing machines can we offer?

Our online shop represents diverse blind stitch machines for sale from the best manufacturers in the world. The current assortment is the following:
  • Yao Han YH-101M. Made by a Taiwanese company, provides a completely invisible seam and the ability to process a wide variety of fabric types. The functionality, related to the latest Brother stitching machine models, includes a quick change of the working seam type, a free arm for a quick change of sewing modes, and the ability to use industrial needles LWx6T. The one-piece iron case guarantees stability during operation, the manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty. Sewing speed — 2500 stitches/minute, which will be more than enough to work on an industrial scale;
  • Center CM3-601. High-quality, invisible seam, processing of almost all types of fabric, and a quick change of sewing modes guarantee effective operation. The use of industrial needles LWx5T guarantees the ability to work in the workshops of production enterprises with maximum return. Our store provides a 12-month warranty.
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