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TYPE SPECIAL Servo cutting machine RCS-110 with direct drive motor

TYPE SPECIAL Servo cutting machine RCS-110 with direct drive motor

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TYPE SPECIAL Servo cutting machine RCS-110 with direct drive motor

The RCS-110 is a high-quality rotary cutter.

This cutter is also equipped with a blade sharpening device, so this means that you will never have a dull blade. Sharpening the blade is easy, all that is required to do is turn it on, and push the sharping device down. There is also a handy feature of adjusting speeds so that there is a speed set for everyone, slow if you are new or if it's tricky work, and fast for quick and easy jobs.  Due to the installed 8-sided blade with a diameter of 110 mm. easier cutting of heavy materials.

For the safety of the cutter, a plastic fuse is installed on the knife with the ability to adjust the fuse in height, depending on the height of the flooring.

Decking processing thickness up to 34 mm.

Servo circular knife RCS-110 with direct drive has a built-in sharpening device.

The speed switch can be used to set one of four speed modes: 600 rpm, 800 rpm, 1000, or 1200 rpm.

The servo motor does not use brushes, which increases its service life.

Installed LED to illuminate the work surface.

RCS-110 servo knife technical characteristics of servo cutting machine:

The disc has an octagonal shape

The diameter of the disc used is 110 mm

Material layer thickness for cutting up to 34 mm

Four kinds of speed mode switching

Mains power supply - 220 Volts

Servo Knife Direct Drive Power - 250 Watts

The circular knife has a mass of 1.3 kg

Servo Knife RCS-110 Important Advantages:

Switch to change the speed of rotation of the disk.

More reliable motor compared to conventional electric knives.

The edges on the disc improve the quality of the cut of the material layers.

The self-sharpening mechanism makes it possible to sharpen the disc directly during operation.

Durable body, easy to use.

The servo-cutting machine is made of high-speed technical steel.

Cutting disc diameter 110mm
Cutting height up to 30 mm
Net weight 1.3kg
Power requirement - 220 Volts
Working speed adjustable 4 modes.
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