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Zeva Hand Protection/Protective 5-Finger Chainmail Glove (Large)

Zeva Hand Protection/Protective 5-Finger Chainmail Glove (Large)

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Zeva Hand Protection/Protective 5-Finger Chainmail Glove (Large)
The Zeva Hand Protection/Protective 5-Finger Chainmail Glove is a type of personal protective equipment designed to protect the hands from cuts, punctures, and other injuries while working with sharp or potentially dangerous tools such as knives or saws. The glove is made from a high-quality stainless steel chainmail mesh that covers the entire hand and extends up to the wrist, providing complete protection against accidental cuts or lacerations.
This particular glove is designed to fit a Large-sized hand, and features five individual finger slots that allow for full dexterity and range of motion while wearing the glove. It is also lightweight and flexible, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
High-quality Zeva chainmail protective glove. The white band indicates ‘Medium' size for medium hands with an index finger length of approximately 9.5cm.
All gloves are C.E. approved with individual tracking numbers and ambidextrous, you can turn the glove inside out to fit on the opposite hand.

cutting, plastic, leather, textile, sewing, and paper industries
meat, fish, and food processing industries 
large scale catering establishments and supermarkets 
protection, security, police field etc.
wood and glass processing industries slaughterhouse
CE Certificate 
Reversible for left or right hand 
ID code for tracking service 
The flexible strap adapts to all wrist to ensure comfort and fitting
Adjustable metal clasp design 
Full hand protection

Please note that the listing is for 1 glove only.
Size Large
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