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Jack S7 Intelligent Control Computerized Post Bed Roller Feed Sewing Machine

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Brand: Jack
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Jack S7 Intelligent Control Computerized Post Bed 

This brand new Jack comes with a built-in high-tech computerized control panel and is also a post bed roller feed sewing machine. 
Jack designers have worked tirelessly to create this machine, and they have done a perfect job with it. It has been designed to ease sewing on leather shoes, sports shoes, suitcases, bags, gloves, leather products, and accessories such as hats.  Jack has also installed a voice with this machine so it makes it user-friendly and easier to understand what mode/setting you are in. It has also been constructed with many features. Such as an automatic thread trimmer, which saves you a lot of time in the long term. An auto presser foot lifter so that when you are done sewing the foot will be lifted by pressing the pedal with your heel. The Presser-foot pressure can also be easily adjusted with a rotary adjusted that is located on top of the machine. Another key future that Jack has implemented into this machine is the digital control of the needle gauge, and multi-needle gauge adjustment which is perfect for sewing on shoes. Another key future of this machine is the removal of the servo motor, which has been replaced stepper motor-controlled drive system. This new motor reduces noise, vibration (as there is no belt involved), and electricity.  Have also incorporated a reverse sewing feature, which can saw as fast as 1800RPM. The presser foot on this machine has been designed so that you can even sew on the alternating thickness of the fabric, all whilst ensuring the same precise and accurate sewing. A short thread remaining function has been added
 so that when the machine does an auto-thread cut, there is minimal thread left hanging from the material making your work look more professional. 


This machine comes with a 12-month guarantee 



Manufacturer’s guarantee 12 mounth
Max stitch length 5mm
Needle bar stroke 41mm
Needle System DPX5
Presser Lift Height 12mm
Weight of the machine head 72KG
Max Sewing Speed (sti/min) 2500 STI/Min
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