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Tailoring, Studio and Dry Cleaning Industrial Sewing/Iron package

Tailoring, Studio and Dry Cleaning Industrial Sewing/Iron package

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Brand: Jack
Product Code: Industrial Sewing/Iron package
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Tailoring, Studio, and Dry Cleaning Industrial Sewing/Iron package

This package is designed to save you money and help kick-start your business or if you're just looking to replenish your old machines with brand new ones.

This bundle comes with

Jack F4

Jack E4-3 Thread

You can find the description for each product below:


JACK F 4 Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine.

Jack sewing machine is a new leading supplier in direct drive motors. Their machine always has a unique design, and advanced futures to assist you with your sewing. All of their machines use direct-drive motors, meaning the machine doesn't vibrate when you sew. It works very quietly, it saves electricity and helps the environment. The direct-drive motor pushes the needle harder into the material, making it easier to sew and smother as well. Jack industrial sewing machine is recommended for tailoring, curtain makers, fashion designers, alterations shops, bridal shops, schools, colleges, home, & dry cleaners. It has a German design, Unique vision, Extraordinary, Excellent, and perfect in detail, 1 Direct drive integration. It only has one key to speed, needle positioning, and reset. This machine comes complete with a head, motor, wheel stand, table, and cotton stand.A direct-drive motor has been fitted on to the right-hand side of the sewing machine, with no drive belts, offering power savings over conventional sewing machine motors. Including a built-in LED needle light illuminating the sewing area. Built-in Operation Panel the top-mounted bobbin winder is built-in for easy winding and changeover of spare bobbins.


JACK E 4 - 3 Thread Overlock (Direct Drive) Industrial Sewing Machine with English table-top

This jack overlock is one of the best currently on the market, it is used by industries, bridal shops, tailor shops, alteration shops, and much more. The machine comes with a built in direct drive, meaning that there is no belt, allowing you to sew without their being constant vibrations and sound, but still maintaining beautiful stitches. Its main difference to a traditional overlock is that it makes your sewing experience a lot easier. Jack has ensured that this machine sews beautiful seams every time. This machine is a three thread overlocker, meaning it only producers an overlocking stitch.  This machine has a built-in light to illuminate the needle area, and speed control so that you can choose your speed, from 1-5000 sti/min so you can choose a comfortable speed. This overlock is built with an English table, meaning that your table will be more comfortable to sew on and is much better quality than a regular jack table. This table will enhance your sewing quality and is recommended by many experienced sewers. 


Japsew J500 portable blind stitch machine.

Brand new. Complete new in the box. This Blind Hemmer is ideal for Tailors, Home Alterations, Dry Cleaners & Curtain Makers, etc.Japsew Hemmer with skip stitch and adjustable depth to cope with most fabrics. The J500 semi-industrial machine is for the professional sewer wanting to sew blind hems fast! Ideal for use in small workshops where space is a problem. Used extensively by soft furnishing and alteration shops and for on-site use for blind hemming curtains, skirt & trouser hems, sleeves, etc. This blindstitch machine makes light work of hemming curtains professionally. Blind stitch hems on skirts, trousers, dresses, etc. effortlessly. Swing out front plate allows access to small diameter arm for hemming sleeves and narrow legs. Fully adjustable depth control. Supplied with knee operated presser foot lifter. The Japsew  Hemmer is made to last many years, to give high-quality stitching and reliability. This heavy-duty blind hemmer has a cast iron body with a built-in motor, knee lifter, and foot speed control. An amazing 1,200 stitches per minute with a maximum stitch length of 7mm. Suitable for hemming/sewing all types of light to medium-weight materials including synthetics, knits, and woolens.


Silter Super Mini Professional Steam Ironing System SPR/MN 2035

The steam generator with 3.5 Litre is recommended for dry cleaners, tailoring, home alterations, & curtain makers. The steam generator is provided with a Silter heavy professional iron.

Technical Specification:

Water capacity-3.5 liter
Boiler power- 1250W
Iron power 800W
Voltage 220/230V 50/60 Hz
Stem pressure-2.5 bars
Weight-9.5 kgs
Continuous dry steam output-70G/min
Heat up time-8 mins

All of our machines come with a 12-month guarantee 

Suitable for Tailoring, Studio and Dry Cleaning
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