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Juki LZ-2284 1-needle, lockstitch, zigzag stitching machine

Juki LZ-2284 1-needle, lockstitch, zigzag stitching machine

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Brand: Juki
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Juki LZ-2284A 1-needle, lockstitch, zigzag stitching machine
This Juki LZ-2284 is the newest addition to the LZ series. This machine is a basic zig-zag machine that is capable of creating beautifully soft touched seams. A needle rocking system is provided with a triangular cam which allows you to sew the best seams consistently. This machine is also built-in with a hook-driving shaft-offset mechanism that allows the hook to rotate the shaft off-center from the center of the zig-zag stroke. This whole mechanism ensures that the blade point of the hook latches onto the needle every time, regardless of the needle-throwing direction. Due to this, this machine is able to resist any sewing troubles, such as missing stitches, and thread breaking, or any of the basic inconveniences that occur in your regular sewing machine, especially when the needle throws to the right side. This machine has been designed to perfection so that even when you are sewing at low tensions, all seams will be sewn in uniform.

3000 spm 
8mm zig-zag width
2.5 mm stitch length
5.5mm presser foot lift by hand 
10mm presser foot lift by knee lift
Automatic Lubrication 
Reverse Lever
Straight and Zig Zag
Micro-Lifter on top of the machine to reduce material slippage and reduce any damage to fabrics from the presser foot.
Silent Servo Motor
Low Vibration 
High speed
1 needle lockstitch, zig-zag machine 

This machine comes with a 12 month back to base guarantee.

Accessories Cover, Drawer, Instruction Manual, 2 Pack Needles, Bobbins, Oil
Application For light-medium weight materials
Bed Type Flat-bed
Brand Juki
Feed Type Bottom-feed
Hook DP Hook (with Titanium-treated inner hook)
Lubrication Fully automatic lubrication system
Lubrication oil Juki New Defrix Oil #2
Machine Level Auto-Functions
Machine Type Zig-Zag
Manufacturer’s guarantee This machine comes with a 12 month back to base guarantee.
Needle System 134 R 135x5 DPx5
Presser Lift Height 5.5 mm: 10 mm
Stitch length (mm) 5mm
Table top dimensions L106cm x W60cm Height Adjustable from 70cm to 86cm
Thread take-up Rotary Type
Type zig-zag stitching
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