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Juki TSC-441 Semi-long, Cylinder-bed, Lockstitch Extra Heavy-weight Material

Juki TSC-441 Semi-long, Cylinder-bed, Lockstitch Extra Heavy-weight Material

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Juki TSC-441 Semi-long, Cylinder-bed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Large Shuttle-hook for Extra Heavy-weight Material

The lifting range of the presser foot is as high as 20mm for smooth placement/removal of extra heavy-weight materials.
The Juki TSC-441 has a wider unfastened space beneath the system arm to allow the operator to easily region and cast off a huge sewing product.

Juki TSC-441 (Unison Feed)
A top and bottom feed mechanism has been added to the machine's needle feed system.
This ensures a higher feed performance and the production of better excellent seams without uneven cloth feed.

Higher raise of the presser foot
The lifting variety of the presser foot as excessive as 20mm for easy placement/elimination of more – heavyweight substances.

Frequency of bobbin thread alternative is reduced
The Juki TSC-441 comes with a huge shuttle-hook.
This type of shuttle hook allows to reduce the frequency of bobbin thread substitute and is satisfactory perfect for the stitching of more-heavy-weight materials sewn with decrease be counted threads

This machine comes complete with:

  • Machine head 
  • Stand on wheels
  • Silent servo motor 
  • Original Juki high-quality tabletop 

Comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Distance from needle to machine arm 420mm
Hook Large shuttle hook so able to cope with heavy gauge threads
Lift of the presser foot 20mm presser foot lift (by knee) 12mm presser foot lift (by hand)
Manufacturer’s guarantee This machine comes with a twelve-month guarantee
Max stitch length 11mm
Needle bar stroke 56mm
Power requirement Single-phase 200V~240V 13 amp (can be used at home)
Type Heavy duty Single needle, Walking foot, Lockstitch, Unison feed machine
Weight of the machine head 56kg
Max Sewing Speed (sti/min) 800 spm
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