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JUKI MF7923U 5.6MM Cylinder arm coverseam pneumatic Industrial sewing machine

JUKI MF7923U 5.6MM Cylinder arm coverseam pneumatic Industrial sewing machine

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Brand: Juki
Product Code: MF7923U11B56/UT59 3N 5.6MM
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JUKI MF7923U11B56/UT59 3N 5.6MM Pneumatic Industrial sewing machine

The machine can be used for the hemming process of the sleeves and bottoms of T-shirts and for the covering process for sportswear and knitwear. The front cover is trimmed to allow operators to bring their hands closer near the needle entry area, thereby increasing work efficiency in the covering process, etc. It uses air to power its main functions, so you will need to have a compressor alongside this machine.

The Juki MF-7900 Series is a newly developed
coverstitch machine provided with lots of
mechanisms for improving the seam quality.
It is provided with many different sewing-related mechanisms which contribute to
improved seam quality, such as the new feed mechanism, and differential-feed
micro-adjustment mechanism. In addition, the machine is provided as standard with
a looper thread twining prevention mechanism for improved maintenance.

Thanks to the new feed mechanism,
many different types of sewing are achieved.
The feed locus can be adjusted externally. The
feed locus is now adjustable in terms of the
vertical direction and horizontal direction, thereby
improving responsiveness to sewing materials.

Micro-lifter mechanism
Elastic material or delicate material can be
sewn with the presser foot kept slightly raised.
This effectively helps reduce the degree of
slippage, warpage and damage of the material.

Differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism
It is possible to finely adjust
the differential feed amount
to a best-suited value for the
material to be used.
The differential feed ratio is
constant even if the stitch
length is changed.

The looper thread twining prevention mechanism has been
improved and is provided as standard for the sewing machine.
In the case of looper thread breakage,
the looper thread twining prevention
mechanism is activated to trim the
looper thread before the thread twines
on the looper thread cam. In this way,
the looper thread twining prevention
mechanism prevents the looper
thread from twining on the looper thread cam. In addition, the looper
thread cam, which has been incorporated in the sewing machine, has
been changed so that it is mounted outside of the sewing machine. The
externally-mounted looper thread cam promises improved maintainability.

All of the sewing machines with
a thread trimmer are provided
with a direct-drive motor.
The direct-drive motor system has been
adopted by all of the sewing machines with
a thread trimmer. As a result, the sewing
machine starts up swiftly and promises
increased stop accuracy, thereby
demonstrating improved responsiveness.
In addition, the machine is no longer
provided with a V-belt. This means that the
adoption of the direct-drive motor is also
effective in the elimination of belt shavings. Power is directly transmitted
from the motor to the sewing machine, thereby contributing to reduced
power consumption. (This sewing machine reduces power consumption
by 27% as compared with the conventional models.)

This machine comes with 12 months guarantee. 


Application From light to medium-weight materials
Bed Type Cylinder-bed
Brand Juki
Feed Type Differential-feed
Lubrication Automatic-lubricating
Machine Level Auto-Functions
Machine Type Coverstitch
Manufacturer’s guarantee This machine is offered with a 12 month back to base Guarantee
Max lift of the presser foot 5mm
Max stitch length 4mm
Needle gauge (mm) 5.6 mm - the standard in the industry
Needle System Uy128GAS size 11 – 16.
Number of threads 5
Power requirement Single-phase 200V~240V 13 amp (can be used at home)
Stitch type 2-needle/3-needle top and bottom covering stitch
Table top dimensions L105cm x W60cm Height Adjustable from 70cm to 86cm
Type Top & Bottom Coverstitch or Two Rows on Top, Coverstitch on Bottom
Max Sewing Speed (sti/min) 5000 Stitches Per Minute
Number of needles 3
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