Special industrial sewing machine

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JACK W4-D-01GBX356 3N 5.6MM Coverstitch (Top & Bottom)
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£878.00 £1,099.00
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£878.00 £1,099.00
Ex Tax: £731.67

In contradistinction to household sewing machines, which have great functionality, industrial machines possess limited options, allowing them to be used in highly specialized sewing production branches.



What technical characteristics should be paid attention to while choosing Special sewing machine?

The device's characteristic features have supreme performance, low vibration, and noise, as well as automatic lubrication presence and excellent quality stitching. The special sewing machine is a straight-line system of narrow specialization having good productiveness indicators:

  1. stitch width is 5-8 mm;
  2. maximum lifting feet — 7-13 mm;
  3. sewing speed — 2000-4000 stitches per minute;
  4. synchronous feeder fabric.

Depending on the model, the lockstitch machines can work with different types of materials, both with light and heavy (leather, tarpaulin etcetera).

Reviews about Special industrial sewing machine
Incredible, very fast and perfect design.
Nick. B
Just an amazing machine at an amazing price. Very happy with machine and delivery.
Sarah. L
I tried buying this machine in other shop, and they didn't have it in stock. Very happy I found Konsew and was able to get this machine delivered to me quickly.
Sarah. 657
Great machine and arrived quickly and in great shape.
This machine is amazing, doing the job perfectly and motor isn't as loud as a clutch one.
Jimmy. D
Amazing machine. couldn't ask for anything better.
Harry. K
Great machine and arrived quickly. Very happy.
If you're looking to expand your sewing or manufacturing business, this machine cannot be beat. It is the world's leading brand in industrial sewing machines. Plus, I love saying it. Juki!
This is a great machine. It runs very quietly and smoothly. There is a learning curve to using it. But it was fairly simple to master
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