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CL7 Cloth clamp with 3" wide jaws and strong spring

CL7 Cloth clamp with 3" wide jaws and strong spring

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CL7 Cloth clamp with 3" wide jaws and strong spring 

The CL7 cloth clamp is a specific type of clamp designed for holding fabrics or other materials securely. It features 3" wide jaws and a strong spring for a firm grip. This type of clamp is commonly used in sewing, quilting, upholstery, or other fabric-related applications where a strong hold is required.

The wide jaws of the CL3 cloth clamp provide a larger surface area for gripping the fabric, reducing the risk of slipping or damaging the material. The strong spring ensures that the clamp maintains a tight grip, preventing the fabric from moving or shifting during sewing or other processes.

With its sturdy construction and reliable grip, the CL3 cloth clamp offers convenience and stability when working with fabrics. It allows you to hold multiple layers of fabric together securely, making it easier to sew, pin, or attach other elements.

Made from high-quality steel will open to approx 2-3/4"

Brand Konsew
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