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Industrial Sewing Machine Presser Feet. The Main Aspects of Choosing

Technically, the sewing facility presser foot is removable, but in most cases, a mandatory attachment for any sewing machine. Nowadays models work with a large assortment of sewing feet, each with its own characteristics. Many sewing operations can only be performed with a specially designed presser foot, but there are special accessories for special materials. Before deciding to buy sewing machine feet, consider the main characteristics and details, that distinguish the separate type of presser feet among others. Below are their characteristics and application features.

industrial machine feet


The Main Types of Industrial Machine Feet

There are various types of industrial machine feet for a wide variety of types of industrial sewing equipment. In particular, attention is paid to:

  • Standard Presser Foot: Similar to the standard presser foot for domestic machines, it is used for general sewing tasks and can accommodate straight stitches and zigzag stitches.
  • Walking Foot (Compound Feed): An industrial version of the walking foot, often called a compound feed or triple feed, is designed for sewing multiple layers of thick fabrics and leather.
    It has top and bottom feed dogs that work in conjunction with the machine's built-in feed dogs to ensure even fabric feeding.
  • Zipper Foot: Industrial zipper feet are designed for sewing zippers into heavy fabrics and materials used in upholstery, automotive, and leatherwork.
  • Binding Foot: Binding sewing feet are used for attaching bias binding to fabric edges. They help ensure precise and consistent binding placement.
  • Felling Foot: Felling feet are used for sewing narrow hems and seam finishes on garments and other fabric items.
  • Edge-Stitching Foot: Industrial edge-stitching feet have a guide to help sew straight and evenly spaced stitches along fabric edges.
  • Roller Foot: Roller feet are useful for sewing materials that may stick to the standard presser foot, such as plastic or vinyl.
  • Open-Toe Foot: Open-toe feet have a wide opening in front, providing better visibility for precise stitching.
  • Ruffling Foot: Ruffling feet are used to create gathers and ruffles in fabric for decorative or design purposes.
  • Teflon or Non-Stick Foot: Teflon or non-stick feet are designed for sewing on materials like leather, vinyl, or plastic, where a standard presser foot for sewing machine may drag or stick.
  • Piping Foot: Piping sewing feet are used to insert piping cord into seams, creating decorative or structural elements in sewing projects.
  • Binder Attachment: Binder attachments are used to apply pre-folded binding tape to fabric edges or seams.
  • Quilting Foot: Industrial quilting feet are used for machine quilting large projects, such as quilts or upholstery, efficiently.
  • Ribbon or Tape Guide Foot: These feet have guides to help sew ribbon, tape, or other trims neatly onto fabric.

Common Problems of using sewing presser feet

The most widespread issues when using industrial and household sewing presser feet are:

  • Thread build-up under the fabric:
    To solve this problem, you will need to stop the working process and re-thread the machine. The sewing equipment locks the tension discs while the presser foot is lowered, so it impossible for the work head to move along the stitch.
  • Fabric feed issues:
    Most likely, the presser foot is lowered and incorrectly set to the required pressure to process the fabric. Excessive, or, conversely, too low pressure leads to problems with the supply of the fabric;
  • Elastic fabrics stitch appear wavy
    To correct this problem, press down firmly on the fabric and adjust the working pressure of the presser foot correctly. The optimal solution is to switch to the walking presser foot, which automatically feeds the top and bottom layers of fabric under the needle at the same speed, synchronously following the sewing speed.

sewing machine feet

How to Choose Sewing Presser Feet?

While working on sewing equipment, you will notice that some feet types may simply pull on the fabric, preventing it from moving on smoothly. Try to choose a single type of presser feet. that will reliably withstand clicking and provide you with the best sewing feet price.
While choosing, be sure to pay attention to the screw-on presser feet. It will be the best choice if you need to adjust the height of the sewing machine stand.

  • High pin presser foot;
  • Low pin presser foot.

The vast majority of modern industrial sewing machines have a low pin. If you are choosing a presser foot and are not sure which mounting type you want, then most likely it is the low pin. Models with a high shaft are used for sewing fabric with decorative seams or for sewing on additional accessories. Sewing machines with a presser foot with a special latch are also widely used — such sewing equipment is universal and suitable for processing most types of fabric and leather products.


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This zipper foot helped to give my pillow covers a very professional look. Was a great deal for the money
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