Ballpoint needles

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SCHMETZ Needles CANU 14:25 1 DBX1 16X231 287 Size 70/10 SES
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Ballpoint sewing machine needles

Ballpoint sewing machine needles are used for sewing on knits, jerseys, stretch, and synthetic fabrics. They are not so sharp, so the point does not violate the natural position of the fibers. Consequently, an even seam is formed without tightening and twisting the fabric. Of course, to make the product look its best, choose your consumables based on the type of material you want to stitch, threads, as well as the purpose of the equipment.  

What types of products are ballpoint needles suitable for?

Ballpoint sewing needles are especially thin - they fit tightly to the knit fibers of the fabric when sewing, so they do not let stitches as well as twist the fabric. 

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind: the heavier the material, the larger the needle size you should choose. In this case, they are most often available in all sizes:

  • 10/60 - very light textiles or silk;
  • 10/70 - lightweight materials, synthetic net, and chiffon;
  • 11/75 - medium weight textile;
  • 12/80 - tricots, cotton lawn;
  • 14/90 - heavier textiles such as poplin, chintz, and velvets;
  • 16/100 - gabardine;
  • 18/110 – leather;
  • 20 / 120 - canvas.

What are the unique features of ballpoint sewing needles?

Sometimes ballpoint needles are referred to as jersey needles. They have a rounded point, so they do not cut through the fabric and pass between the fibers, separating them. But this feature is also present in universal types of consumables, but the latter is tapered so that it will slip through the weave without causing runs. Sometimes ballpoint machine needles can miss stitches. You can use a stretch needle to eliminate this problem, but remember that its point is sharper. 

What range of ballpoint machine needles is available at Konsew?

At Konsew ballpoint needles are represented by the top German sewing machine manufacturers - Groz-Beckert and Schmetz. Both operate in approximately the same price segment and produce quality consumables. If you need help choosing a needle, start with less - determine the type of fabric you want to work on. 

Pay special attention to the markings - for instance, if the box with there is a Canu: 38:00 MA1, it means the following: 

  • Canu is a Schmetz catalog number;
  • MA = SPI (Acute round Point);
  • One is chromium plating. 

In addition, the NM marking shows the blade diameter value. Learn more about the labeling here.  

Why Konsew?

It is worth taking care of the details to make your projects look decent not only on the store shelves but also on the customers. After all, sometimes, a small ballpoint machine needle can completely change the vision of a product. To avoid miscalculating the choice, you should pay attention to the markings. If you need help deciding which manufacturer to choose, call Konsew's customer service, and we will help you. 

To order, add the desired product to the cart and provide shipping information. A few days later, your supplies package will be at your doorstep.

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good to have options! Thanks, Mick
These needles are brilliant! I've come to realise that the ones I was using were too thin and flimsy! These are so strong and sturdy.. it's almost as though I have a new machine!
Jolene C.
I always need needles and this purchase helped me avoid shipping charges
Emily. H
Great quality needles, came quickly and work amazingly.
Very good needles as expected.
Amazing needles, very happy with the price!
Konsew really does have the best prices online!!
good value for money, always need plenty of sewing needles doing crafty sewing to dressmaking
These needles are the best in any online shop. Very happy with the price.
perfect needles, very fast delivery
my order arrived, thank you for the shipping speed, thank you store and recommended the item
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