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GROZ BECKERT GEBEDUR titanium coated sewing needles DPX17 135X17 size 120/19

GROZ BECKERT GEBEDUR titanium coated sewing needles DPX17 135X17 size 120/19

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GROZ BECKERT GEBEDUR titanium coated industrial sewing needles DPX17 135X17 size 120/19

Box of 10 Groz-Beckert® Gebedur Titanium Industrial Sewing Machine Needles. 
The titanium nitride coating on the surface is extremely hard so the needle is very well blanketed against harm and wear, especially at the factor of the needles. 

Groz-Beckert Gebedur Titanium needle features 
Higher processing security. 
Less material damages. 
Less needle deflection, resulting in less skipped stitches, thread braking, and needle breakage. 
This gives you higher productivity because of much less downtime of the device. 

Please email us with the Make/Model of your sewing machine if you are in doubt. 
We stock many different varieties of sewing machine needles for all your needs. 
Even in case, you cannot locate the needle you're looking for, it does not mean we don't have it in inventory, 
All you would need to do is simply notify me of what model you would like and I will get it delivered to you as soon as I can obtain

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Made in Germany
Needle Size 120/19
Needle System DPX17 135X17
Needle Type Regular Point (R)
Point style Regular point
Shank diameter 200
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