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Groz-Beckert UY128GAS TVx3 Industrial Coverstitch Needles Size 120/19

Groz-Beckert UY128GAS TVx3 Industrial Coverstitch Needles Size 120/19

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Brand: Groz-beckert
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Groz-Beckert UY128GAS TVx3 Industrial Coverstitch Needles Size 120/19

These needles are made in Germany

Groz-Beckert is a reputable brand of sewing machine needles, and their UY128GAS TVx3 needles are designed for use with industrial coverstitch sewing machines. Here are some details about these needles:

Needle system: UY128GAS

Needle size: 65 to 100 (or 9 to 16 metric)

Needle point: Regular or ballpoint

The UY128GAS TVx3 needle is designed for use with coverstitch sewing machines, which are used to create professional-looking hems, seams, and decorative stitches. These needles have a special design that allows them to create two or three rows of stitching simultaneously, depending on the machine's configuration.

The UY128GAS TVx3 needles are available in both regular and ballpoint options. The regular point is suitable for use with woven fabrics, while the ballpoint option is ideal for use with knit and stretch fabrics. Both options are designed to prevent damage or snags to the fabric, ensuring a clean and professional-looking finish.

When selecting needles for your industrial coverstitch sewing machine, it's important to choose needles that are compatible with your machine's needle system and can handle the materials you will be sewing. Groz-Beckert is a trusted brand known for its high-quality needles, so you can trust their UY128GAS TVx3 needles to deliver reliable and consistent performance.

Brand Groz-Beckert
Made in Germany
Needle Size 120/19
Needle System UY128GAS TVx3
Point style ballpoint
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