The Best Heavy-Duty Sewing Machines for Tough and Thick Fabrics

Heavy-duty sewing machines are required to complement a modern textile industry. Heavy-duty affiliation is an extremely important parameter, especially with the emphasis of production of leather goods. The selection of equipment in this case is a very important task that requires a professional approach and knowledge of the basic characteristics of the equipment. Our article lists the most popular models of heavy-duty sewing machines among experienced manufacturers, which implement most of the modern textile business production vectors.

#1 Jack A4E

A really worthwhile industrial sewing machine model. It has a sufficient number of automatic functions, surpasses most of the competitors in terms of price and quality. Fully meets both of these criteria, and is an excellent choice for any professional tailor. 
This model is equipped with an auto-lifter of the presser foot, is also equipped with the functions of a clean bartack and automatic thread trimming. The modern interface, realized with the help of a modern touch control panel, guarantees access to all the necessary functions at the touch of a button.

#2 Juki DDL7000A

If jobs and manufacturing capabilities allow you to expand the range of textile manufacturing, then you need a sewing machine that will operate efficiently and quickly. This model is the perfect choice in this case. In addition to the standard modern straight stitching features, this model boasts automatic thread trimming. Trimming is accomplished with just one press of the foot control in the opposite direction. 
The automation of this process increases sewing productivity up to 30% due to the high speed of thread trimming and the complete absence of the need to perform operations to control the length of the thread manually.

#3 Jack A6F

If your textile enterprise is approaching a large industrial scale in terms of the total equipment capacity, then it's time to pay attention to super-powerful models. This model has all the necessary qualities to become your indispensable sewing assistant — this is an extremely soft and responsive sewing machine, tool up with an almost silent motor. 
LED illumination and a built-in needle positioner are provided for the convenience of workers . The technical parameters are easily customizable, so you can adjust the given parameters for yourself at any time.

#4 Juki LU-1565N

Double-needle heavy-duty model designed especially for sewing thick fabrics. This particular model uses a completely new mechanism that doesn’t alter the ratio of the alternating vertical walking foot and the presser foot movement at all. 
The main operating mechanism helps prevent slipping between the top and bottom layers of fabric, even with the heaviest materials. The reduced lift height helps to completely prevent material sway for maximum stability in all materials.

#5 Juki LU2810 A70BBS

The latest industrial sewing machine model, designed especially for professionals. Advanced specifications ensure maximum performance. A wide range of special functions makes this machine ideal for handling extra-heavy and thick materials. 
Due to the increased power, with the help of this sewing machine model, it is possible to process rather labor-intensive projects that require an integrated approach. Powerful, energy-saving, quiet servo motor delivers unmatched performance.


The article lists the most productive and functional heavy-duty industrial sewing machines. Thanks to an expanded range of fabric processing options and technical characteristics, it guarantees high-quality fabric processing for the manufacture of all types of products.
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