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Gutermann Perma Core Tkt. Size75 Spool Size 5000m. Col.32001 Off White
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Gutermann Perma Core Tkt. Size75 Spool Size 5000m. Col.32001 Off White

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Brand: Gutermann
Product Code: 75. Col:32001
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Gutermann Perma Core Tkt. size 75 for denim and heavy-duty seams Col:32001 Off White
100% polyester

Robust trend-setter for everyone: Perma Core® is a highly robust core-spun thread made of 100% polyester which is particularly suitable for seams that are subject to heavy strain. 
Thanks to its high tear and abrasion resistance, the risk of damaging seams during intensive treatment processes e.g. for Denim, is greatly minimized. 
Perma Core® is also perfect for multidirectional sewing operations such as top-stitching or decorative embroidery, making it a reliable choice for automatic sewing machines.

This particular Tkt. size 75 is ideal for home textiles such as cushions, curtains, and many more. 

Application: Home textiles, denim, apparel 

Product Advantages:

high rub and abrasion resistance
suitable for multi-directional sewing
sewing with low tension levels possible
excellent sewability

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Length 5000m
No. / Tkt. 75
Suitable for denim and heavy-duty seams
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