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Thread for upholstery

 Upholstery thread is necessary for stitching heavy materials while making furniture. Its composition may include natural and synthetic fibers, which depend on the properties and range of weights. Let's understand this consumable's features and the brands on the market.

What products are upholstery threads used for?

Upholstery sewing machine threads are used for stressed seams and heavy-weight fabrics such as furnishing textiles, leather, and canvas. Their fibers are considerably thicker than those of standard polyester yarns and less prone to tearing. They are more durable than all-purpose ones. So when it comes to extra strength, you should use consumables with nylon.

What is the peculiarity of upholstery sewing threads?

The choice of thread directly depends on the fabric you will stitch.

  • Nylon is most suitable for canvas. Such threads are often confused with fishing lines, which makes the stitch less noticeable.
  • Olefin fibers are tough, hard-wearing, colorfast, and stain resistant. Among all upholstery sewing threads, they are the lightest and tend to dry out quickly, wicking sweat and water from the textile.
  • Cotton is a natural material and gives a soft look to the seams. The thick and waxy type of cotton thread is used in hand-quilting. It is easily dyed but is prone to tearing and is not used without preshrunk.
  • Silk fibers are delicate and an integral part of the overall design for the upholstered piece. These threads are very elastic and tear much less often than polyester.
  • Polyester provides excellent durability, gives seams a smooth look, and does not shrink when washed. Such threads are usually used for sewing jeans.

Good upholstery is the key to the success of the product. The quality of the connection of parts, the accuracy, and the appearance of the product depends on the consumables. Therefore, it is worth paying particular attention to the fibers' composition and the material you are going to process.

What is the best upholstery sewing machine thread to choose?

Konsew provides a wide selection of upholstery sewing machine thread from the most famous brands. Look at some of the most common types to make the right choice for your project.

Nylon upholstery thread

  • Konsew extra strong thread, 100% nylon, black, available in ticket size 20, £6.00, 3000 m
  • Somac high tenacity thread, 100% nylon, dark blue (green, forest green, gold, Indian yellow, khaki, light beige, light cream, sage green, gray, etc.), needle NM 110-160, £13.50

Polyester upholstery thread

Konsew online shop provides an excellent selection of threads in a variety of materials and with a wide range of colors. Check out the assortment, and you're sure to find something for yourself!

Why Konsew?

We provide a large selection of upholstery threads from trusted suppliers. Here you'll find consumables for both industrial and home use. Optimal price, excellent quality, and only the best suppliers - this distinguishes Konsew in the sewing equipment and supplies market.

To order, add the product to the cart, pre-specifying the quantity. Fill out the form with the delivery address and the recipient's name and wait for confirmation from the operator.

Enjoy your shopping at the Konsew store!

Reviews about Upholstery sewing thread
I have tried out cheaper threads but find that often they snap or separate. But gutermann is strong and good for all projects. I have never experienced any snapping. Would highly recommend the extra money for a reliable thread.
Guttermann thread is the best thread out there it doesn't break like cheap thread and it tightly hold the fabric together I'd highly recommend it to everyone
I love this thread. Good prices and quick delivery
Always use Guttermans , best thread for my machine, having tried different brands
Always use Gutterman Thread as it is always reliable, never shreds.
Excellent quality, strong thread that didn't dust up the sewing machine.
Love this thread does the job with no breaking in the middle of sewing
I always use Gutermann Thread, especially the heavy duty, as they are very reliable and do not snap. I have found my sewing machine does not work well with other brands, but always works well with Gutermann.
I was advised at a sewing class to try this thread ...... And will never buy another make now! I do try to use up my old threads by other manufacturers but that only reminds me to stick to Gutermans!
I have used Guttermann for many years on my sewing machine and wouldn't use any other thread. I also use it for hand sewing.
Essential item at good price with choice of sizes available.
sewing bee
Gutterman thread is my first choice of thread for hand and machine sewing. It is good for most everyday fabrics and sews well on most makes of the sewing machine. The large capacity bobbins are excellent value...
This thread is great quality and was just the right colour to finish off my sewing project.
Love gutermans cotton, strong, versatile, lots of colors to choose from, and great prices
Having tried various brands for my sewing machine- this has to be the winner- perfect every time and such an array of colours to choose from I never have trouble matching the thread to my fabric.
Good strong premium thread, perfect for sewing
I have used Guterman cottons for many years as they do not break when winding or sewing. Works well on all types of fabric, ie cotton and felt.
Never had a problem with this thread, it works well in my machine.
Not a cheap thread but always top quality. Never snags or breaks.
The thread is excellent quality. The colour is same throughout. The thread doesn't twist or fray.
I am so pleased I can get Gutermann from Konsew. As always it is of excellent quality and reliability.
I think this thread is the best on the market. I would not choose anything else for sewing .
Very good thread .I teach sewing and in my opinion the best thread to use.
I was impressed with the selection of colours, easily found perfect match for my fabric. Nice to sew with using machine. Highly recommend this thread.
The Gutterman sew all thread is a great quality product. I always stick to this brand as I find it consistent in quality. My sewing machine likes it too!
Gutermans sewing thread is brilliant, its strong for various sewing projects.
I always use Gutermann Thread, especially the heavy duty, as they are very reliable and do not snap. I have found my sewing machine does not work well with other brands, but always works well with Gutermann.
This thread is such good quality and good value for money
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