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We provide a wide range of colors and sizes of sewing machine threads to suit all of your needs and materials.


Sewing machine thread

Running out of threads can be a frustrating and annoying experience. The unexpected clunk of another sewing thread running out on your sewing machine, especially when you are finishing an important project or an argent job, can leave you with a problem. How quickly can I order a new thread? Will it be of the highest quality? Those worries will be instantly calmed when you choose our service at Konsew and our vast array of threads for sewing machines that are ready for delivery to your premises.

Our service works to provide you with some of the best brands in the sewing business such as Somabond, Gutermann, and their exceptional array of colours. At Konsew we have a wide range of colours and threads of different thickness. You need different threads for different type of materials. It can be tricky to decide what thread exactly do you need. We are here at Konsew to help you to choose your perfect thread.

⭐What’s so special about our sewing threads for sale?

We source only the best products at Konsew for your operations. Heavy-duty upholstery threads are combined with bulked nylon overlocker threads – perfect for whatever job you’ve got lined up. As some of the finest providers of sewing threads in the UK, we trust Somabond and Gutermann to deliver on quality and variety every time.

Scrolling through our site you’ll see every shade of colour that you can think of. It’s no matter if you’ve got a specific colour you need to match (you can visit our store to compare the colours) or you need to find a colour for a new project, you’ll find it at Konsew.

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The threads are one of the most significant factors in quality stitching. Even a perfectly tuned machine cannot cope with unsuitable yarns and only ruins the cloth. The sewing threads types and their purposes will be discussed below.  

120 All Purpose General Sewing Threads

The sewing threads materials

To form an ideal stitch, it's necessary using not only a suitable needle but also choosing the right thread for sewing machine. In case of inconsistency between these two elements, stitches may be uneven or missing. Let's consider the main threads types and its use depending on the fabric. 

  1. Cotton 
    These threads are multipurpose and used not only by amateurs but also by professionals. The size on the bobbins is 50. Take into account the fact that it can gap too thin material, while its strength might not be enough when the coarse fabric is sewn. 
  2. Polyester 
    While applying these synthetic yarns you get a perfect and beautiful line. It's durable, withstand strong tension. Their fibre is smooth, not fleecy and thin enough.
  3. Reinforced 
    Elastic and wearproof, like the previous one, but made on the basis of lavsan with cotton, flax, and wool addition. In addition, there is a special label: the higher number is the thinner thread.
  4. Nylon 
    Water-resistant and tough industrial threads are suitable for shoes and bags sewing, as well as in clothing in the secret stitch form. 
  5. Silk
    Used to sew silk and wool. Wear-resistant during washing and high temperatures.


Bonded Nylon Red 202 Thread 40s 3000mtrs

⭐What are the industrial machine threads’ numbers?  

Focus on the data table to select the industrial sewing threads!

Threads Fabrics
Cotton: 50-80 Lightweight: nylon, silk, knitwear, fine cotton
Polyester: 50  
Capron: 50-80  
Cotton: 80-100 Medium: satin, cotton, double knitwear. Canvas, fine wool
Polyester: 60-80  
Capron: 80-100  
Cotton: 40-50 Heavy: wool, tarpaulin, jeans
Polyester: 50  
Capron: 50-60  
Cotton: 50-80 Elastic: spandex, jersey
Polyester: 50  
Knitted industrial sewing machine thread  


Bulk Wooly Polyester Sewing Thread 80/ 5000M

Top Sewing Machine Threads  

Currently, the Gutermann, Vanguard, Somabond companies have proven themselves in the fibre market. They're world leaders in the textile industry. Colour range, high-quality fibre will create perfect seams on any product. 

⭐What is the assortment and price of thread for sewing machine in Konsew?

On our website, you can find about 140 types of threads. It’s represented by well-known companies Gutermann, Vanguard, Somabond etc. Here you can find the needed thread at an affordable price!

Reviews about Threads for Sewing Machine
This was a very good buy. Ideal for any fabric as it’s strong and doesn’t break easily. My new sewing machine likes it.
I always buy my threads at Konsew.They are very good quality and reasonably priced. As I am a regular sewer I get through quite a lot of cottons and I am never disappointed with them.
Great quality thread. Doesn't snap easily. Perfect for all my sewing projects
A good useful product, it does the job it's supposed to do. So handy getting everything you need in the one shop.
Great quality and good value for money Very wide variety of colours
This is great thread for use with a sewing machine or hand sewing.
imagen .p
rare colour to find for the price
teresa angel
cheapest I've found with good quality
lionel marcos
very fast shipping for very low price.
aleman trujio
good quality and nice colour
Satisfactory. No problems with the yarn or the colour.
I used this thread to repair my caravan awning. The material is thick and needs a strong thread. I have used a thinner thread before and it kept snapping, this thread didn't. Great thread for the job Iit was needed for.
Good quality thread. Works well for sewing. Can't think of much else to describe it as.
Tobey Anderson
one of the hardest greys to find.
Jake sulovan
best packaging you could have
Henry. C
This thread is amazing quality and is very hard to rip, making it the best one in my workshop. Recommend everyone to get these threads.
Carlos Manuel
hard thread colour to find for good price
Samantha Peterson
best quality threads you can find on the market
Peter griffin
fastest delivery I have received
This is a make of thread I always use it's great for the machine and for hand stitching
This large reel means you can fill the bobbin and sew the item without worrying about running out of thread which has happened to me with a smaller reel, Great quality
Coco H
Thread is very strong and d=urable, deffo worth the price!
Callam B
They are just the best!!! delivery was also very quick.
Tiana H
Great threads and great price1 delivery was neat aswell.
I only ever buy this thread, it’s good quality and never gives me any problems with my sewing machine. Would recommend it
Oliver spokesman
very vibrant colours for events
ben foster
the length is really good for long term use
gorgeous green, i was unable to find somewhere else
tadghe maguire
very good price and vbery good for the quality
When buying nylon, I think its important the colours match your material. Always a good choice in store and different strengths. Wouldn't go anywhere else
had decided to sew a faux leather sewing machine bag and knew I had to get a far stronger thread for this job. I surely recommend this product and the bag I made turned out really well.
Rachel homer
good colour and does not wear out over time
Terry wellington
great price for the length
Tammy. A
Thread arrived quickly and was exactly the colour I needed, very happy.
Malakai Pruitt
Great thread and colour stays for a long time.
Kirsten F
Threads arrived quickly and are very good quality. Very happy with purchase,
Nicole slank
good vararity of colours on this page
Emily dilloo
marvellous quality thread with satisfying colour
I brought this thread to use with my sewing machine. It is good quality and doesn’t break too easily
Great price in the sale, I took the opportunity to stock up on. Range of colours
Setter 77
I always try to buy this brand, such fantastic quality, strong and easy to sew with. It definitely worth the money.
polski malolski
intact shipping. good packaging
luka kenot
customer feedback is the best for any problems
I realise this was extra strong thread until I threaded my machine but it did not matter and the stitching looked nice using it.
Great thread, very vibrant colour and quick delivery!!
Great quality thread, lovely colour!
Thread is amazing. Very fast shipping aswell!
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