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Necchi K132A domestic sewing machine
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£149.00 £284.99
Ex Tax: £124.17
Necchi NC-102D digital domestic sewing machine
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£349.00 £399.99
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£349.00 £399.99
Ex Tax: £290.83
Necchi Q132A domestic heavy-duty sewing machine
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£249.00 £329.99
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£249.00 £329.99
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The technical differences between the "home studio", the professional studio 

Domestic sewing machines and the large sewing industry are predominantly in the volume of production. The same clothing patterns can be created here with the same set of parts and, accordingly, processing operations. Only the quantity of products determines the number of sewing equipment and its features. However, this is your choice: to buy a domestic sewing machine or industrial sewing machine.

Domestic sewing machine Bernina Minimatic 807

What is the difference between industrial and domestic sewing machines

  1. Price. A domestic sewing machine is cheaper than industrial, because of the functionality of them.
  2. Functions. Modern machines are quite versatile for all types of fabric used in everyday life but are designed to work with light and medium fabrics (by mass density).
  3. Operations. Modern household sewing machines have the ability to perform various rows and functions, including loosening of loops, decorative and knitting stitches, zigzags, fasteners, etc. An industrial sewing machine is designed to perform 1 operation (with a rare exception.
  4. Speed. Sewing on a household machine, on average up to 800 stitches per minute. The speed of sewing an industrial machine can reach 8,000 and 12,000 stitches per minute, but more machines have a speed of 2000 to 5000 stitches per minute.
  5. Materials. Because of the high load, an industrial sewing machine cannot have a plastic case, plastic gears, aluminum levers and other similar parts used in the design of household sewing machines.
  6. Electric drive. Domestic sewing machines have a collector (brush) electric drive of not more than 100 watts operating in a repeatedly short-term mode. In modern industrial sewing machines, various electric drives are used: friction, induction, asynchronous, electronic, servo and other drives, having power from 200 to 1000 Watts and able to work around the clock without stopping.
  7. Grease. In sewing machines, drip lubrication of knots and aggregates is used. Now the system of "dry" lubrication, calculated for a certain time of trouble-free operation, is becoming increasingly popular. In industrial sewing machines, special lubrication systems are used.
  8. Operation time. Modern sewing machines are designed to work for about 7 years, provided that they are used at home for no more than 1 hour a day. Modern industrial sewing machines are designed for work for about 10 years under the condition of round-the-clock application.

Domestic sewing machine Pfaff 6152 tipmatic

The main parameter that is worth paying attention to when choosing is the power of the unit, which determines the puncture force, as well as the type of the shuttle. The basic criteria for selection will be: the material of the body and the parts used, the puncture force will become clear to you, after determining the power of the unit, sewing speed, and foot pressure on the fabric surface, hook type, and stitch types, “automatic” or “semi-automatic” loop. It is very important to determine which fabric you will work with, since most models can easily cope with light costume and knit fabrics, and you may have problems with working with denser fabrics. Always pay attention to what is included in the package of your chosen model. As a rule, most often it consists of interchangeable legs and a set of needles.


Classification of domestic sewing machines for sale

Domestic sewing machines can be: 

  1. Mechanical machine.
  2. Electromechanical machine.
  3. Electronic machine.
  4. Computerized machine
  5. Sewing and embroidery machine
  6. Overlockers


We offer you a good selection of machines in our store on the site and there you will be able to get acquainted with such models as: 

  1. Bernina Minimatic 807 Sewing Machine with Pedal & HardCase
  2. Janome CoverPro 2000 CPX Coverstitch Machine
  3. Bernina 807 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine In Excellent Condition
  4. Bernina 1015 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine In Excellent Condition.

The price of a domestic sewing machine ranges from 190 £ to 500 £.




Reviews about Domestic sewing machines
great machine, love the rice and shipping!
Five star sewing machine. Very affordable. Has multiple features to serve the sewing hobbyist to a professional. I would recommend it.
Extremely happy with this machine Easy to set up Easy operation Looking forward to many happy hours of sewing
This is a great value sewing machine which is simple to set up and thread. I would recommend this as an uncomplicated machine with just the right number of features.
Amazing machine. Definitely worth the money!
Very pleased with this machine, has been able to sew several layers of thick material and works with thin fabric too. I found the foot controller a little imprecise at first but I've got used to it now.
Very happy with my new sewing machine, I am a beginner sewer. I love the color and how easy it is to set up and use, good value, love it.
This sewing machine is excellent! It’s is solid, so easy to use, and incredibly versatile. The simple fact that you can see with materials such as leather, demon and then to finer fabrics….. just genius
A brilliant machine is a pleasure to use. I had been looking for a new sewing machine for some time
great quality domestic machine. Perfect for home!
In love with this machine!! So happy with my purchase!
So, happy with my purchase. Such a handy machine machine to have around the house
Quick shipping, great price and great quality machine.
This machine is very user friendly, so easy to use.
So happy with this machine Especially the price and quality!!
Such a great machine. Couldn't be happier with the price as well
This was my fancy upgrade. I love how it doesn't chew up my delicate fabrics and has all sorts of features to make sewing on it a breeze
Betheny E
This is an amazing machine and has so many features! Runs like a beast and is top quality
This machine is cheap and good quality. Couldn't find it anywhere else. 5. star
I purchased the bernin 807 .The customer service is very helpful and knowledgable regarding the products.
Sandy .J
This Bernina machine is a dream come true! It is a heavy, powerful machine, but easy to use and does everything it is advertised to do and so much more
Tanya T.
Very pleased with this machine
When I receive my order I will be able to better judge my experience
It was a pleasure dealing with Mick Konsew Personalized service and followed up by phone when there was a question about my order. I will definitely be back. Thank you.
Carolyn .d
Shipping was fast, nothing was broken or misplaced inside the box, and the machine works very VERY well for my beginner self
Daniel R
the best price for exactly what I wanted. thank you
Kelly T
Love your service, products, and fast deliveries
Katherine B
I have always been pleased with the products I order from your company and am so glad I discovered you a while ago
Yvonne .S
I hear great things about your company and this is my first time trying it out
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