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Genuine hook & base KOBAN for BARUDAN
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Ex Tax: £62.50
Genuine hook & base KOBAN for JUKI LS341N
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Ex Tax: £124.17
Genuine Singer hook and base HSH-8-20
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Ex Tax: £107.50
Hirose Rotary Hook & Base DA1.C
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Ex Tax: £29.17

The sewing machine hook and base are critical components of a sewing machine's bobbin system. These parts work together to form the stitches on the underside of the fabric during sewing. Here's an overview of these components:

  • Hook: The sewing machine hook is a small, often metal, part that is located in the lower part of the sewing machine near the bobbin case. Its primary function is to catch the upper thread from the needle and intertwine it with the lower thread from the bobbin to create a stitch. There are different types of hooks, such as rotary hooks and oscillating hooks, depending on the sewing machine's design.
  • Base (Bobbin Case or Bobbin Holder): The base, which is sometimes referred to as the bobbin case or bobbin holder, is a housing that holds the bobbin. It fits into the hook area and ensures that the bobbin thread is fed properly to be caught by the hook as the machine stitches. The base typically has a tension adjustment to control the tension of the bobbin thread.

Maintenance and Replacement:

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean the hook area and base to remove lint, dust, and debris that can accumulate during sewing. A clean hook and base contribute to smooth stitching and prevent stitching issues.
  • Replacement: While sewing machine hooks are typically very durable, they can become damaged or worn over time. If you notice stitching problems or damage to the hook, it may need to be replaced. Similarly, if the base is damaged or malfunctioning, it should be replaced to ensure proper bobbin thread tension and feeding.
  • Compatibility: When replacing the hook or base, it is essential to use parts that are compatible with your sewing machine's make and model. Sewing machine manufacturers often provide replacement parts, and you can find compatible components through authorized dealers or Konsew sewing machine parts suppliers.
  • Professional Service: Replacing the hook or base can be a more complex task than routine maintenance. If you are not experienced in sewing machine repair, it's advisable to seek the assistance of a Konsew LTD professional technician who can properly install and adjust these components.

Proper maintenance and timely replacement of the sewing machine hook and base are vital for achieving high-quality stitching results. If you suspect that either of these components is causing stitching problems, it's best to have them inspected and replaced if necessary by a qualified sewing machine technician to ensure the sewing machine's optimal performance.

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Love this hook and based, before my machine would skip stitches, after installing this, it sews perfectly!!
Barbara W
Quickly delivered and works great
Always fast shipping and packaged well. My go-to place for sewing machine needs
This was exactly what I needed and it shipped fas
Jonny. S
This part is the highest quality I've seen! suits my machine perfectly. I'm very happy I came across it!
super easy to navigate website. Great selection as well
I appreciate the ability to find accessories for my specific machine, as well as universal accessories. Very helpful
Good retail source for sewing machine parts and accessories
Exactly what I was expecting”
Carol. B
I needed a new one after mine broke, and this one is excellent and arrived really quickly.
Sarah. H
very good quality and arrived quickly
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