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Industrial sewing machine oil 1L
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Industrial sewing machine oil 5 L
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oil for Brother Industrial sewing machine
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oil for juki industrial overlock machine
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150ML Oil holder
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150ML Oil holder for general use
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Buy sewing machine oil

The main reason for the rapid wear and tear of the equipment is the increased friction of the components. That's why regular cleaning and lubrication is a good way to extend the service life. Let’s figure out which sewing machine oil to choose, how often to use it, and how much bottle lubricant costs.

Why is machine oil needed?

Sewing oil is a lubricant that prevents friction and wears on parts by creating a protective layer. For instance, the shuttle mechanism and the bobbin case are moving elements compared to human joints - they tend to wear off, and any contamination by tiny particles is akin to inflammatory processes. Just use a lubricant to prevent the ingress of dirt, protect against corrosion, and create a sliding effect during the movement.

What types of sewing machine  lubricant oil are there?

The ingredients of industrial sewing machine oil directly depend on the raw material from which they are made:
  • Mineral
    The so-called petrochemicals use petroleum jelly and may contain anti-rust and anti-wear solid agents and antioxidants as additional substances. These oils are representatives of the cheaper segment but are pretty effective when used regularly.
  • Synthetic
    These fluids are usually produced by synthesizing petroleum products and exclude mineral fats and solvents. They also have a higher viscosity and heat resistance than mineral oils, which eliminates the possibility of spillage.
  • Semisynthetic
    This class of oils is a mixture of petroleum products and synthetic components. They adhere better to metal and provide better lubrication.
    Different classes of equipment require a specific formulation of lubricant. So before delving into the variety of products in the Konsew store, refer to the instructions for use.

How often should I lubricate my sewing machine?

We recommend lubricating your sewing machine depending on the frequency of use. For example, if it is new industrial equipment that has a regular load, it is worth cleaning and lubricating every six months. As it wears out, try to check for sewing machine lubricant more often, such as every three months.

Can I use motor oil on my sewing machine?

Many Konsew store customers frequently mistake engine lubricant for sewing machine oil. These are two completely different substances, where the former can cause the grinding of the gears, odor emissions, and even fire. Therefore, we advise using only lubricant specific for each type of equipment. Leave the motor oil for your car.

Konsew's Top 3 Oils

With 27 years of experience in the apparel business, Konsew presents only high-demand products in its store. We have ranked the best sewing machine grease and prices so that you may choose the right one.
  • Juki NF7 (£14.99, 450 ml) is suitable for all types of equipment;
  • Juki Defrix Oil No.1 (£14.99, 600 ml) represents the premium segment and is versatile;
  • Singer Super Oil (£3.99, 125 ml) is suitable for many well-known brands of sewing machines and overlock machines; it is good quality and has a low price.
Of course, there are many oils for lubricating sewing machines. But we chose the manufacturers Juki (Japan) and Singer (USA), which have proven themselves in the market as durable equipment and accessories suppliers. The presented products are examples of value for money and will help keep your equipment in good technical condition.

Why Konsew?

Konsew allows you to dive into the sewing world - here, you'll find everything, including sewing machine oils. We love our customers, so we only provide products from the best brands proven over the years. To order, add the desired lubricant to the cart, specify the needed quantity and fill in the delivery address. Confirm and wait for a Konsew store operator to contact you.
Enjoy your shopping!

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fantastic seller, very fast delivery, 100% recommended, brilliant oil, thank you
Fast reliable service. Can't fault them
Barbara.t 55
Excellent product, speedy delivery. I will use again. Definitely, recommend this seller.
Great quality oil, original juki, great for my machine, sounds 10x better after I added this.
This oil has helped my machine it now runs quieter
My machine needed its oil topped up, very happy Konsew was able to provide some of the best quality oil for such a good price!
Elly. B
Bought this part, but didn't know how to install it, so I called Konsew and they were able to direct me free of charge! very happy
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This oil made my machine sew like new. Very happy with purchase.
I'm so happy that Konsew has got such specific parts on their website!
Fitted perfectly and works exactly as it should
I have bought here a few times and have always been happy.
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