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Juki Is The World's Largest Manufacturer Of Industrial And Domestic Sewing Machines.

Juki automatic industrial sewing machine

Creating products - is an amazing experience. You’ll be able to make whatever you want to with your desire materials. If you’ve got an industrial sewing machine and you’re trained to use it, the opportunities are almost endless. At Konsew we’re passionate about giving you the best chance of making everything you desire with our range of the best Juki industrial sewing machines.


For over eighty years, the Japanese manufacturer Juki has been a leading brand for the production of sewing machines of various types and purposes.

Production facilities of the company are located in the industrial centers of the world, namely in China, Japan and Vietnam.

Juki sells its products on all continents and almost in all countries of the world.

In 2013, there was signed a contract between two main whales of the technology market - Juki and Sony, and from 2018, began the cooperation with Hitachi.

What technologies The Juki industrial sewing machine uses

You’ll find the latest technology coupled with the experience that Juki have in the industry in every product that we stock at Konsew. Trusted around the world for both their industrial and domestic sewing machines, you can put your faith in Juki to offer you the quality and durability that you require.

All of these factors have influenced the continued aspiration to novelties and the development of innovative projects of the Juki computerized sewing machine, which includes:

  • top speed sewing system;
  • double chain stitch;
  • manual feed;
  • two or three needles;
  • the best software for improved sewing quality;
  • the special system, which is designed for internal and side seams, as well as for attaching clamps to jeans or trousers.

The shape of the sewing machine head has been significantly modified to expand the sewing space, thereby improving the processing with Android system.

The latest technologies in the production of Juki automatic industrial sewing machine make it possible to sew the most difficult parts of clothing. This simplify simplifies the time-consuming sewing process of the multi-layered sections, namely, skipping or assembling of the stitches, detection, and correction of the incorrect seams.

In addition, the functionality of the machine allows you to easily change the settings in real time, which significantly reduces the preparation time of the process. 

What does an assortment of Juki computerized sewing machine

The product line of the Juki manufacturer is represented in our online store with such positions:

  • Single Needle Lockstitch Machines
  • Double Needle Lockstitch Machines
  • Overlocks
  • Sewing machines with a zigzag stitch
  • Chain Stitch Sewing Machines
  • Flat machines
  • Automatic Sewing Machines
  • Button machines
  • Tacking machines
  • Special machines

Choose the best machine in our store!

Why choose Konsew to buy Juki industrial sewing machine

We provide a wide range of Juki machines. 

Juki industrial sewing machine for the best price is waiting for you!

Now the online store Konsew combines the knowledge and experience of the market and ensures that the best solutions for the sewing business are available only here, on the website Konsew!

Konsew is your guarantee of the quality and good prices!


Come and try your new Juki industrial sewing machine with us

We pride our online store in sourcing the best products from across the sewing machine world. If you’d like to discover more about our collection of Juki commercial industrial sewing machines for sale, speak to our team today

juki automatic sewing machine

To find out more about our selection of sewing machines and the difference they can make, get in contact with us.

Reviews about Juki Industrial Sewing Machines
Fabulous machine, fast, great quilting machine, simple features that are all you need.
10.09.2020 glad i finally bought this! I LOVE the speed - its definitely not 'too much to handle' - the foot pedal is very responsive. I make dresses - for sale, and often have to do 10 of the same dress the speed allows me to get this done so quickly! I havent even FMQ with it yet! just remember to thread the needle from the left to the right! its a solid, sturdy, smooth running machine...i find myself saying 'i didnt know it could be like this!"
This machine is amazing!! its very high quality and feels amazing when you sew with it. Delivery was fast as well and came in good shape.
I'm a beginner in machine quilting my quilts and did not want to break the bank on buying a quilting machine. You can spend a lot!! This was very affordable and had great reviews. I have used it a few times and am very impressed! Time will tell but I would definitely recommend this machine to someone! Thanks Konsew!
Carol. V
I absolutely love this quilting machine. First time I've ever bought a Juki machine but it's a great machine. Easy to operate, very good quility. I would definitely recommend this quilting machine to anyone who likes to quilt.
Jane. O
After having researched many, many machines, I decided on JUKI. I had no idea how fantastic this machine would be. No bells and whistles but does exactly what I bought it to do machine quilt and it handles the quilting with no problem at all. Whisper quiet, smooth operating, simple to use, easy to maintain. I think I'm in love!!!
Really love this machine. Runs really well. Fantastic stitches.
This machine is very good quality, one of the best in my workshop, 5/5!!!
Great machine, quick delivery and good price. Extremely happy.
Michal. K
The drop down guide on this machine makes it very easy to use whilst sewing, and is definitely worth every penny!
Emily. G
Great machine, excellent for use on leather. Very good quality as well.
Uri. A
This machine is excellent. It's great because its good quality arrived quickly and is price friendly! Couldn't be any happier with Konsew!
I love this machine. We use the same in school, AIS.
I have 4 Konsew industrial machines for my business and this is my first Juki and first servo motor. The machine is solid, priced right, with everything you need. No bells or whistles. Just basic to get the job done. The table is a little lacking but solid. But the servo motor. I wish I knew what I know now when I bought the first 4. Definitely a must. I am going to replace all the other motors with the servo. The others sound like airplane engines and you have to turn off the machine every time you finish your task. Great investment if you need some serious straight stitching.
I had some doubts about the servo engine, but it's a life saver. FINALLY, no more humming motor sound to drive you crazy. Delivered on time, fully assembled. Great service. Used daily for miles and miles of straight sewing. You'll love this machine !
Machine is great.Perfect for sewing on heavy materials
Got this machine quickly, and very happy they ship internationally!
It is a great machine! The quality is immediately obvious the first stitch you make. I purchased it for my wife and she couldn't be happier, after years of using lower priced sewing machines. It is well worth the price.
We deliver our industrial sewing machines to the countries (delivery company: Palletways):
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And we deliver parts, needles, and threads all over the world (delivery company: Royal Mail, Hermes, DPD).
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