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Unlike usual household lockstitch sewing machine types, which have great functionality, industrial ones are narrowly aimed. It allows them to be used in highly specialized sewing industries.
The differences between industrial and household sewing machines are:
  • High performance. High speed of work allows processing large volumes of products within a short period;
  • Long service life. If household sewing machines are designed for up to 7 years of uninterrupted work, subject to daily use for an hour on average, for industrial lockstitch machine, the term is more than 10 years with the round-the-clock operation;
  • Professional electric drive. In household machines, a collector electric drive is used, which operates in intermittent mode. In industrial machines, the type of electric drive depends on the specifics of production and can be used with a servo drive, induction, friction, electronic, asynchronous and many others;
  • Working with materials. Industrial machines can handle materials of different densities. Of course, one machine cannot sew everything, from guipure to natural leather, but there are more options for choosing a machine according to the types of fabric being processed. 
There is a classification by materials:
  • Light and medium materials,
  • Medium-heavy materials,
  • Heavy materials,
  • Especially heavy materials.

lockstitch sewing machine

Within one class, you can customize equipment in accordance with the specifics of production.
  • In construction. Unlike household sewing machines, industrial models operate in an enhanced mode, which places special demands on construction materials. In most industrial sewing equipment, a balancing function is provided, with the help of which not only the material feeding process is optimized, but also the level of vibration, and, accordingly, noise is reduced;
  • In the need for repair work. The simplicity of the design and the limitation of functionality ensures reliable operation and rarely leads to situations when repair of equipment is required.

Choosing Lockstitch Sewing Machine. Distinctive Aspects and Advantages

What is lockstitch sewing machine used for?

When choosing an industrial sewing machine, one should take into account, firstly, that these machines basically perform one main function, and secondly, what kind of fabric you will work with. There are machines for sewing leather goods, for sewing car covers, bags, as well as for upholstery. In general, lockstitch sewing machine price is depending on stitching speed, availability of additional functions (heavy-duty processing, working volume level, number of needles, etc).

What kind of lockstitch sewing machines are there?

There are furrier machines for sewing fur products, as well as sack sewing machines for sewing up bags made of very dense fabric. When choosing sewing equipment, you should also consider the price. Some of the best such machines are Juki, Brother, Global. They are very reliable in operation and don’t require frequent repairs.

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Lockstitch Sewing Machines in Assortment

What Lockstitch machines can we offer?

In our online store, every entrepreneur can find sewing equipment that will completely fit their industrial capacities. For example, we have great discounts for several Brother sewing machines. This company is commonly known as the best lockstitch machine manufacturer, providing exceptional quality models for better sewing enterprise performance. 
Also, you could be interested in some heavy-duty models for hard leather or other thick types of fabric processing — in this case, choose Juki sewing equipment. It is characterized by high-quality processing and comparable high stitching speed.  
Our web store is provided with the best lockstitch equipment available on the Internet, so you can find additional Jack and Global sewing machines that are as popular and efficient, as the two above mentioned manufacturers. 


Reviews about Industrial lockstitch sewing machine
Love working with this machine, great quality!
Love this machine, its got all the features I need and love!!
can't be any happier, make sewing even easier , what a super dream machine , I wish I found it earlier , its not just a brand !
I'm a beginner in machine quilting my quilts and did not want to break the bank on buying a quilting machine. You can spend a lot!! This was very affordable and had great reviews. I have used it a few times and am very impressed! Time will tell but I would definitely recommend this machine to someone! Thanks Konsew!
This machine is a bit pricey but is definitely worth the price. Very happy
The machine is a amazing in every aspect. Great quality and fast delivery, couldn't be more pleased.
The machine is great, delivery was quick and customer service is the best, what more could you possibly want!
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Machine is amazing. Price is amazing. Konsew is just amazing!!
I love this machine. We use the same in school, AIS.
I have 4 Konsew industrial machines for my business and this is my first Juki and first servo motor. The machine is solid, priced right, with everything you need. No bells or whistles. Just basic to get the job done. The table is a little lacking but solid. But the servo motor. I wish I knew what I know now when I bought the first 4. Definitely a must. I am going to replace all the other motors with the servo. The others sound like airplane engines and you have to turn off the machine every time you finish your task. Great investment if you need some serious straight stitching.
I had some doubts about the servo engine, but it's a life saver. FINALLY, no more humming motor sound to drive you crazy. Delivered on time, fully assembled. Great service. Used daily for miles and miles of straight sewing. You'll love this machine !
Machine is great.Perfect for sewing on heavy materials
Got this machine quickly, and very happy they ship internationally!
The machine is great and clean finish stitching. Quick delivery and defiantly worth the price.
Bought this to sew various types of materials from thin cotton to leather, wish I had bought this Juki machine sooner! I will eventually also buy a walking foot machine to see thicker leather and seams but for right now this fits my needs perfectly
Managed to buy this machine on sale, so very happy as nowhere is that cheap.
06.05.2020 glad i finally bought this! I LOVE the speed - its definitely not 'too much to handle' - the foot pedal is very responsive.
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