Industrial sewing machine

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Brother S-7100DD-403 Direct Drive Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine
- 15%
£1,499.00 £1,770.00
Ex Tax: £1,249.17
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Juki DDL-8700 Industrial Sewing Machine - Energy Saving Servo Motor
- 18%
£469.00 £569.00
Ex Tax: £390.83
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JACK E-4 4Thread Overlock (Direct Drive) Industrial Sewing Machine
- 19%
£650.00 £799.00
Ex Tax: £541.67
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Jack F4 Direct Drive Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine
- 12%
£439.00 £499.00
Ex Tax: £365.83
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JACK A2 Direct Drive Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine
- 23%
£489.00 £635.00
Ex Tax: £407.50
JACK W4-D-01GBX356 3N 5.6MM Coverstitch (Top & Bottom)
- 18%
£899.00 £1,099.00
Ex Tax: £749.17
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Juki DU-1181N walking foot, heavy duty + Energy Saving Servo Motor
- 17%
£828.00 £995.00
Ex Tax: £690.00
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JUKI MO-6804S 3 Thread Overlock
- 25%
£875.00 £1,159.00
Ex Tax: £729.17
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JUKI MO-6814S – 4 Thread Industrial Overlock
- 22%
£925.00 £1,179.00
Ex Tax: £770.83
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JACK A4 Direct Drive Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine
- 13%
£649.00 £750.00
Ex Tax: £540.83
Juki 900 B Industrial Sewing Machine direct-drive motor
- 15%
£1,150.00 £1,349.00
Ex Tax: £958.33

All our machines are assembled and tested. We are happy to consult you on what type of the industrial sewing machine you need for the material you will be using. We can also give you some useful maintenance tips as well as the personal demonstration of the professional industrial sewing machine. We pride ourselves on selling genuine quality industrial sewing machine for extremely competitive prices. Price match promise. We will not be beaten on price.

New industrial sewing machine for sale

Konsew is one of the leading providers for new industrial sewing machines that could replace, upgrade or add to your current setup. Whether you’re working in a growing operation or in a large warehouse, you’ll want to put your faith in a trusted supplier of sewing machines who can help you find the perfect industrial sewing machine.



The great thing about our service at Konsew is that you’ll be able to try our products before you make that all-important purchase. You’ll want to see if the machine can accommodate your needs and your style - we’ll allow you to do that from our London premises. We source our industrial sewing machines from the best brands such as Brother, Jack, and Juki.

You’ll also have the chance to speak with our highly-experienced engineer. He will be happy to give you a tutorial, useful tips and ensure you’re purchasing a product that befits the material you’re using.

A great range of Industrial sewing machines at Konsew LTD!

The online store Konsew specializes in the sale of sewing machines. The range includes industrial new and used sewing machines, as well as all sorts of accessories for them.

Only in our store you can find your ideal industrial commercial sewing machine and all the necessary accessories for it.

What brands of professional industrial industrial sewing machines may you buy 

We work with the best companies in the global sewing machine market:


What types of sewing machines do we sell 

There are available the most frequently used types of machines:

  • Overlock  
  • Lockstitch 
  • Chainstitch 
  • Semi-Dry Computerized professional industrial sewing machine
  • Walking Foot 
  • Coverstitch (Top & Bottom) Cylinder bed  
  • Straight Stitch (Direct Drive)
  • Heavy Duty 
  • Electronic Tacker and Programmable Shape Tacking Machine

Industrial sewing machines are highly specialized, so they have limited  capabilities and options.

But such a relative simplicity of design guarantees reliable operation and rarely leads to situations when it needs a fixing.

They have a high productivity in comparison with household machines techniques, provide for working with materials of different density and their lifespan is more than ten years.

How to choose an industrial sewing machine 

Therefore, in order to decide what type of the industrial sewing machine to choose, you need to ask yourself the key questions:

  • For what type of fabric should the machine be intended?
  • What operations must be executed on the sewing machine?
  • What performance is needed?
  • What type of the motor  should be: servo, friction, induction, asynchronous, electronic? 

Modern novelties of the world best sewing machine companies, are presented in our online store Konsew. Recently, has been launched a production of new-generation machines with a unique lubrication system, that makes it unnecessary to use oil to grease the needle driver or the shuttle. This eliminates the possibility of material stain.

Where to buy industrial sewing machine online 

The modern models of industrial sewing machines greatly speed up the production of clothes and streamline the processing of the parts, such as pockets, loops or internal seams. In our assortment there are a wide range of machines for highly specialized operations.

The consultants of our store will provide you a professional assistance in selecting equipment for your studio  an atelier and for a large industrial enterprise.

In our online catalogue you can find the price  of industrial sewing machine.

The highest quality at the lowest prices only at Konsew!

Reviews about Industrial sewing machine
This is a brilliant machine I don't know how I managed without it. Easy to use, very sturdy a real workhorse.
I love this Juki overlocker, easy to use, and gives a perfect finish
Delivery was next day- arrived screwed to a wooden pallet and protected in foam and plastic wrap- beyond heavy to carry but not impossible with help- comes with oil for the machine and is very easy to do. Comes threaded and with extra spools and tools for changing needles and feet. Just oil it and plug it in and it’s ready to go. It’s relatively quiet and overall a great buy. *HIGHLY RECOMMEND*
Really pleased with this Juki overlock machine, it's easy to use It copes really well with all types of material, would definitely recommend it.
The price is superb and the service from the supplier is barred none. It is much lighter than my old machine and so quiet. Unlike my old machine, the motor ran all the time when you stop sewing with this it is so quiet that I forgot it was on. The speed is adjustable so instead of the 500 mph that I was used to it is a steady walking pace which makes it much easier to control.
I can now do more delicate and precise work. I make canvas items but this will happily sew standard material as well as I tried it out. If you are looking for an industrial machine then I can recommend this, especially from this seller.
A very good quality, professional sewing machine. It is not only functional but it also looks good and is a pleasure to work on. To my surprise it is very quiet and works perfectly, I cannot fault it. Also, the customer service team was amazing in assisting me prior to purchasing my sewing machine. Highly recommended.
Jelena Faergemann
Excellent machine and superb service :)
Jelena Faergemann
This machine is so quiet and creates an amazing job. :)
Amazing machine and Konsew has it for the cheapest price!
Great machine. Fast shipping and was very well packaged.
Such a great machine. Very happy with my purchase.
Love this machine. Great quality! Couldn't be happier.
This is amazing!!! The machine sews amazingly and is so quiet!
Great price for a great machjine. Konsew is truly the best!
Great communication, item as described. Good delivery.
Jack really do have some of the best machines at excellent price!
Great machine, the drop-down guide is definitely worth it!
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And we deliver parts, needles, and threads all over the world (delivery company: Royal Mail, Hermes, DPD).
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