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Bernina 950 Zig Zag industrial sewing machine
- 11%
£1,150.00 £1,299.00
Ex Tax: £958.33
Pfaff KI.953 industrial sewing machine
- 29%
£249.00 £349.99
Ex Tax: £207.50
Pfaff KI.953 industrial lock-stitch sewing machine
- 27%
£399.00 £549.99
Ex Tax: £332.50
Ex Tax: £375.00

Used sewing machines for sale

Used sewing machines for sale

⭐Why do you need to buy a good used sewing machine for sale?

This is a much better investment than buying a new, because such machines have already proven their grade and durability. The tested mechanisms will serve you longer, besides, the repair will be much easier. 

Why do traders sell used machinery and why there is a used industrial sewing machines for sale? This is very convenient, because instead of throwing out the old - equipment they give it a second life while saving your money. Consult with the seller if they have any used machines before concidering to bay a new one. 

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⭐How to choose used industrial sewing machine online?

We offer you some tips to make a good purchase:

  1. Ask the seller for a 10-minute test drive of the machine, so you can easily check its quality check the technical specification and features of the machine for 10-15 minutes. Do not refuse this opportunity, as it will give you confidence in your purchase.
  2. Select a machine that is still being manufactured - this will be a confirmation of good quality because if the machinery does not work properly, it is usually removed from production.
  3. Check the state of the equipment: it should not be damaged, scratched, cracked. In addition, during the test drive, listen to the suspicious sounds of the sewing maсhine; there shouldn’t be any. Look for big names. Why are these brands so big? It is because they systematically, for at least decades, produced quality equipment. In addition, popular brands have the longest assurance of use.
  4. If you want to find a used sewing machine that will last longer - give an advantage to a sewing machine with a front-loaded bobbin system
  5. Prepare a list of questions that you can ask at the store to fully assess your choice:
    • Does the machine have a threaded cutter?
    • How many feet does the sewing machine have?
    • Is it easy to use?
    • How many seams have a sewing machine?
    • How easy is the machine tensioned?
    • How many hoops?
    • What size?
    • Has it been used continuously since its first acquisition?
    • How many people have a machine?
    • Does it come with any accessories?

Before buying, be sure to identify with the model and shake up the purchase terms to avoid inсidents. 

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⭐Where to buy used sewing machines in UK? 

For example, in the store Here is the function, named "Come and Try", in which you will have the occasion to check the goods before purchasing. In addition, a wide selection and reasonable prices (from £ 100) will give you the opportunity to make a profitable purchase. In addition, when buying a used sewing machine, you get the following benefits: guarantee of price compliance, free textbook and consultation, secure payments, comprehensive 1-year warranty.



Reviews about Used sewing machine
After reading the manual so I could thread the machine, it's very easy to use. It's quiet, smooth running. The foot pedal works great. Love the quilting stitches available for use. I have an older Bernina 830, and this runs so much better; kind of like switching from a typewriter to a computer. This is a great update from my previous Bernina. Should have done this sooner.
Yvonne .S
I hear great things about your company and this is my first time trying it out
Annamaria P
I am happy with this machine, very easy to understand.
Sandy .J
This Bernina machine is a dream come true! It is a heavy, powerful machine, but easy to use and does everything it is advertised to do and so much more
Daniel R
the best price for exactly what I wanted. thank you
Katherine B
I have always been pleased with the products I order from your company and am so glad I discovered you a while ago
Betheny E
This is an amazing machine and has so many features! Runs like a beast and is top quality
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