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Bernina 800DL Overlocker Machine

Bernina 800DL Overlocker Machine

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Bernina 800DL Overlocker Machine

The Bernina 800DL is a serger or overlocker machine produced by Bernina, a Swiss company known for its high-quality sewing machines.

Here are some general features and information about the Bernina 800DL Overlocker:

Serger/Overlocker Functionality: The primary purpose of the Bernina 800DL is to serve as a serger or overlocker. Sergers are specialized sewing machines that trim, finish, and sew seams all in one step. They are commonly used in garment construction to create neat and professional-looking edges.

Differential Feed: The machine likely features a differential feed system. This allows for the adjustment of the feed dogs to prevent stretching or puckering of fabric, which is especially useful when working with knits or stretch fabrics.

Number of Threads: The Bernina 800DL is likely a 4-thread or 3-thread overlocker. A 4-thread overlock stitch is commonly used for securing and finishing edges, while a 3-thread overlock is a lighter option often used for lightweight fabrics.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width: Like many sergers, the Bernina 800DL may have adjustable settings for stitch length and width. This allows for customization based on the type of fabric and the desired finished look.

Easy Threading System: Bernina is known for its user-friendly designs, and the 800DL likely has a color-coded or marked threading system to simplify the threading process.

Built-in Rolled Hem Feature: Many sergers, including the Bernina 800DL, come with a built-in rolled hem feature. This is useful for creating a narrow, neat edge finish on lightweight fabrics.

Sturdy Construction: Bernina machines are known for their durability and build quality. The 800DL is likely built to withstand heavy use, making it suitable for both home and professional sewing environments.

Accessories: The machine comes with various accessories, such as a dust cover, needles, brush, and oil.

This machine comes with a 3-month back-to-base guarantee.

Brand Bernina
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