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Industrial Sewing Machine Bobbin Case

Most modern models of sewing machines are equipped with special bobbin cases to increase the efficiency and productivity of working with fabric. At the moment, there are several main types of industrial sewing machine bobbin cases, which can differ significantly in their characteristics and functions.
Bobbin cases are laying the left thread between the warp threads when processing the material. Taking into account modern technologies, such elements perform oscillatory or rotational movements in a horizontal or vertical platitude. Based on these indicators, it is customary to distinguish between diverse types.

The Main Types of Bobbin Cases

There are three main types of industrial equipment that differ in bobbin case type. Firstly, modern types of sewing equipment need to be selected exactly according to the type of shuttle, since it is responsible for the technology of processing fabric, sets the rhythm and speed of work. Bobbin case price closely depends on the equipment type. 

sewing machine bobbin case

The sewing machine bobbin case main types are the following:

  • Swaying vertical shuttle.
    This is a classic shuttle design that has proven its reliability over 100 years and has survived with minor improvements to this day. Our application of this shuttle is in modern automatic sewing equipment.
  • Vertical rotary shuttle.
    A vertical shuttle rotating in a circle also could be called a rotary or double-fitting shuttle is most often used in higher class machines. This vertical hook is used in many industrial sewing machine models. 
  • Horizontal shuttle type.
    Currently, It is the most common type of shuttle in many functional electromechanical and computerized sewing machines. The horizontal hook doesn’t have a special bobbin case, while the bobbin is inserted right into the hook, which is convenient and simple. 

The Main Issues Using Various Types of Sewing Machine Bobbin Case

While using industrial sewing equipment, some problems can occur. Commonly, they are the following:

  • After disassembly, the upper thread tensioner is not assembled correctly;
  • Incorrect threading;
  • Poor thread quality;
  • The thread number doesn’t match the needle number;
  • The bobbin case lock spring is loose.

Brother Bobbin Case

A very compact screw can be found inside the bobbin case, and if you unscrew it, the lock mechanism can be removed and a long spring can be found. Try to stretch this spring slightly, but it is better to buy a new bobbin case.

How to Choose Bobbin Case for Sewing Machine Correctly?

Shuttle systems in modern sewing facilities are selected taking into account many nuances and aspects of production. Consider this fact when choosing. Qualified experts recommend considering the following functional features of shuttle systems when choosing.

  • The vertical swing hook machine offers a wide range of sewing and even embroidery options, depending on the model;
  • The horizontal hook type provides easier threading and, in most cases, a wider stitch width, which is especially useful for decorative processing;
  • Sewing facilities with high technical and functional capabilities are usually equipped with a rotary shuttle type, as they are chosen by high-level amateurs and sewing masters.

Our Online Store Assortment

In our online store, the highest quality and most productive models of sewing machines from the world's most famous manufacturers are presented.
The range of our online store includes the following shuttle systems:

  • Vertical shuttles. A simple and unique device that will be the perfect addition to your sewing equipment. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, it was possible to achieve a unique quality product;
  • Horizontal shuttle. It is one of the most common shuttles for industrial sewing equipment. It works without a bobbin case, so it is as easy as possible to change the bobbin thread.

Before deciding to buy a bobbin case for sewing equipment, take into account all the details.

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My Juki 11891N would not stitch more than a few without breaking thread. After trying everyone else I replaced the bobbin case. Stitches like new. This machine was purchased in 2006. The case arrived quickly and fits
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