Chain stitch sewing machine

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JACK W4-D-01GBX356 3N 5.6MM Coverstitch (Top & Bottom)
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£878.00 £1,099.00
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Chain Stitch Machine for sale

What chain stitch machine is used for?

Chain stitch sewing machines are used to decorate and harden clothes or grip separate parts of the fabric — obtained seams guarantee an aesthetic appearance and durability of textile products.
Nowadays, industrial stitching furnishing manufacturing introduces numerous types of specific equipment, aimed at chain stitches.
Modern chain stitch machines cannot be called universal, but wide options for quilting and embroidery of textile products will present your company with a huge plus in the form of a unique shape and product design.
Industrial equipment is composed of one to 24 diverse needle types (chain-stitch machine models with a large number of needles are specially made for order, for example — heavy-duty models). The standard stitching length is 4 mm and the average processing speed is 4.5 thousand rpm.


The Main Technical Characteristics of Chain Stitch Machine

What are the main advantages of chain stitch sewing machines?

Choosing the best option for providing an enterprise with a qualitative sewing equipment, pay special attention to the following aspects:
  • Diverse equipment bases for sewing machines (the modern market offers flat, sleeve, cylindrical or table-shaped, table-shaped with presser foot, etc). Accent your attention depending on the area of ​​the premises of the enterprise’s workshops — modern chain stitch sewing equipment isn’t a priority in the case of completing the enterprise equipment base, but the presence of several types of them will qualitatively and productively supplement production;
  • Total thread and needle quantity in the standard package. Due to the widest variety of decor and accessories for furniture, the equipment is equipped with various types of needles and threads to cover more processed designs and types of chain ties. Be sure to pay attention to this aspect when choosing stitching machines for the enterprise — versatility will present you with productivity;
  • Complete with additional equipment — for example, motion pullers to facilitate the sewing process in a straight line, additional motor, etc. As a result, such inconspicuous details can provide you with a service in the form of a significant increase in enterprise productivity;
  • Universality in work with various types of fabrics. Try to choose the most flexible models in the work, as they will allow the manufacturing process to adapt to the technical requirements;
  • Easy to learn. Chain sewing equipment is quite arduous to master, especially computerized or equipped with advanced differential, so try to choose the most familiar in operated models.



chain stitch sewing machine




Online Store Assortment of Chain Stitch Machines

What chain stitch machine for sale can we offer?

Our virtual store presents the most advanced models of chain stitch machines for sale:
  • Jack. A Chinese brand that has been supplying qualitative stitching equipment to the market at competitive prices for a long period. The company's products have earned a reputation as one of the industry's leading manufacturers. Stitching equipment, produced by the Jack company is guaranteed to meet all expectations regarding the unique quality and versatility presented in the online store supplemented with the widest selection of diverse models;
  • Juki. The Japanese company has a deserved long-standing reputation as a reliable and high-quality supplier of industrial stitching equipment for industrial enterprises. The company's products will become an excellent choice to complement the technical and instrumental base of the enterprise;
  • Mauser. Three-stage equipment assembly technology guarantees high-end quality. The enterprise facilities of the company are ensured by German meticulousness in the technical aspects of the production supplementing, providing sewing equipment with an accentuation of undeniable quality, supported by many years of experience supplying enterprises around the world;
  • Janome. The equipment of the company is known to the whole world for its indescribable technicality of execution and complete equipment set, with attention to every specific detail and equipment complex as a whole. Sewing furnishing produced by Janome company guarantees exceptional quality and versatile processing.
Reviews about Chain stitch sewing machine
Harry. K
Great machine and arrived quickly. Very happy.
Jimmy. D
Amazing machine. couldn't ask for anything better.
Oksana 08
Love Jack K 5 and came ready to use, just needed to top up the oil and it was ready to go.
Incredible, very fast and perfect design.
Fantastic machine, have had this machine now for 4 weeks still finding things it can do. The cover stitch gives a beautiful finish to garments and is very easy to thread. This was a real indulgence for me but have not regretted buying this machine.
I am very impressed with this machine, it has inspired me. So easy to use . I spent time deciding which machine to buy and am very happy with my choice.
This offers everything that I could wish for at a remarkable price. I would have no hesitation in recommending this sewing machine.
Sarah. 657
Great machine and arrived quickly and in great shape.
This machine is amazing, doing the job perfectly and motor isn't as loud as a clutch one.
This machine is the best for anyone looking for a flatbed machine. It is also the cheapest here than anywhere else!
Nick. B
Just an amazing machine at an amazing price. Very happy with machine and delivery.
Great quality machine. Very happy with the purchase.
This machine is just perfect! the stitching is just perfect and beautiful. couldnt be happier with my purchase!!
This is a great machine. It runs very quietly and smoothly. There is a learning curve to using it. But it was fairly simple to master
This thing worked pretty smooth right out of the box. Assembly was not too difficult, I have a smaller sewing machine... this thing is quite heavy (just the head unit). There are a couple of good videos of it on the tube. FAST Service!!
It's easy to use also easy to manage change and to work on it
Sarah. L
I tried buying this machine in other shop, and they didn't have it in stock. Very happy I found Konsew and was able to get this machine delivered to me quickly.
Amazing machine!! Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Also, the price of it is perfect!
The quality of this machine is great. The price is also the best I could find online.
The machine sews on sportswear amazingly. it is just great seams and high-quality finish that makes me love this machine. Very happy!
Marek M
The machine is the best. Arrived quickly due to first-class delivery. It also came very well packed.
I bought this machine as an emergency. I must say I have been very surprised at the power it has. It will sew through many layers of fabric with ease. Has a good speed to it as well, very easy to work.
This is a great machine for volume heavy duty work. The machine shipped quickly arrived in good condition and was easily set up
Easy to use, sturdy and has excellent features. Very good value for money and looks great
Mick. O
This machine is perfect for sewing sleeves. Perfect for my jobs and sews like a beauty.
Really happy with my new machine
I work in a factory and when I started using this machine on jeans, my life became 10 times easier!
I have been using this machine for a month now and it just keeps getting better, usually id expects a machine to start deteriorating by now, but this one is as good as new!
love this item. Easy threading, very good explanations in the instruction manual. The item did an excellent job right after the first time I threaded the item
This sewing machine has great features and is very easy to use
Best machine I have in my workshop. Very quick and efficient. Very happy with the under bed trimmer.
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