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Dayang DYDB-1 manual lay end cutter
Ex Tax: £665.83
Ex Tax: £665.83
Dayang DYDB-2 (2.2m) Automatic lay end cutter
Ex Tax: £1,165.83
Ex Tax: £1,165.83
JEMA JM-110L Economic cold belt loop cutter
Ex Tax: £879.17
Ex Tax: £879.17
JEMA JM-120LR Automatic hot and cold belt loop cutter
Ex Tax: £1,665.83
Ex Tax: £1,665.83
MicroTop SM-201L Cloth marking drill machine
Ex Tax: £299.17
Ex Tax: £299.17

Modern production cannot be imagined without cutting machines: they speed up the sewing of clothes and make the work easier. The monotonous parts cut by hand sometimes lead to a large amount of waste, while special machines ensure the perfect quality of processing ends.

There are three types of fabric cutters used in apparel production:

  1. Hand operated scissors;
  2. Semi-automatic knives;
  3. Fully automatic cutters.

Unlike equipment from twenty years ago, these machines are portable.


What are the features of fabric cutting machine?

In bulk production, manual cutting machines are not utilized as it takes a huge time for textile cutting. They are usually utilized when processing single or double plies.


The semi-automatic cloth cutter machine is a versatile piece of equipment that is widely used in manufacturing. They are distinguished by their high speed of tissue processing and are relatively cheap. There are several types of them, the choice of which depends on the fabric, complexity, and the size of the parts. For example, a round knife is utilized for the big details of the pattern, and a band cutter is better for textiles of different thicknesses.

A fully automatic rotary fabric cutter provides the most accurate possible cutting at high speed. It is good in bulk production. Such fabric cloth cutting machine price is high and is justified by simple operation, quality of performance, and significant time savings for the manufacture of the textile products.

What technical characteristics should you pay attention to cloth cutter machine?

When choosing a fabric cutting machine, it is essential to check the following technical components:

  1. The cutting type and knife stroke range depends on the type of material and part;
  2. The presence of a blade sharpening device makes it possible not to waste time and money sharpening a knife;
  3. Fast speed adjusting makes the process of working comfortably for a beginner and a professional;
  4. The lightweight of the device makes it portable and convenient to use;
  5. User safety guaranteed by a plastic fuse;
  6. The possibility of corrosion of the product depends on the material.
  7. In this case, the knives of the equipment must be made of high-quality steel;
  8. A reliable octagonal shape disc allows cutting any fabric.


How is the lineup of fabric cutter presented in your online store?

Konsew has three models of the best portable cutter. Let's consider them in more detail.

  1. Type special RCS-110 cutter features a sharpening device. Its 8-sided blade with a diameter of 110 mm allows it to handle materials with a large thickness up to 34 mm. At the same time, the equipment is safe because it has a plastic fuse. It is quite fast and has four configurable modes: 600, 800, 1000, 1200 rpm. The RCS-110 is durable: its motor does not utilize brushes, which increases its service life.
  2. The type special S / RCS-110B rotary cutter has the same octagonal blade, and its speed has four configurable modes. It differs from the above model by a battery that can work continuously for 2 hours. There is also a blade sharpening device, and its weight is 1350 grams, which facilitates its operation.
  3. The type special RSD-70B is a compact model with a silent motor. A battery pack makes your work easier by making your device portable: no need to worry about plugs and short cables. Its characteristics are similar to the previous two models, but the distinguishing feature is a small weight (about 800 grams), cutting disc diameter (70 mm), as well as deck height (up to 10 mm).


Cloth cutting machine price

These fabric cutting machines' price ranges from £100 to £200, including a 12-month guarantee, making each one a profitable investment for every production.

Reviews about Cutting machines
This is what I need. Thank you Mick
J. Evans
Excellent device for cutting many layers of material. Easy to use & maintain. I love it!!
Can't complain about the price, quality is also very good. 10/10 service from Konsew.
Amazing machine. Very glad Konsew sells this, very rare too see a company that sells this!
Amazing Machine. Speeds up the process.
So happy with this cordless cutter, comes in very handy and great price!
Brilliant piece of kit. Cuts through Sherpa fleece (thick) and 5mm reinforced rubber like butter. Wished I'd known about this ages ago. Saves so much time. Love it!
Philip Gunter
A very good piece of equipment cuts cutting time down
Karen B
Cuts like butter. Wished I'd known about this ages ago. Saves so much time. Love it
Helluva J
It worts the money. Perfect for what I need.
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