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Bobbin For Singer 45K And Adler
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Ex Tax: £2.49

Bobbins are essential components in sewing machines, and they play a crucial role in the sewing process. Here's some information about bobbins for sewing machines:

Purpose: Bobbins hold the lower thread in a sewing machine. When threaded correctly, they work in conjunction with the upper thread to create stitches on fabric.

Types of Industrial Sewing Machine Bobbins

  • Class 15 Bobbins: These are the most common types of bobbins and are used in many home sewing machines. They are approximately 20.5mm in diameter and 11.7mm in width.
  • L Bobbins: These are also used in home sewing machines and are slightly larger than Class 15 bobbins, measuring around 20.7mm in diameter and 10.9mm in width.
  • M Bobbins: These bobbins are used in some industrial sewing machines and are larger than both Class 15 and L bobbins.
  • Bobbin Styles: Some sewing machines use specific bobbin styles that are not interchangeable with others. It's essential to use the correct bobbin style recommended for your machine.
  • Material: Bobbins are typically made of plastic metal or aluminium  The choice of material depends on the sewing machine's design and compatibility.
  • Pre-wound Bobbins: You can buy pre-wound bobbins with thread already loaded onto them. This can save time and ensure consistent tension, but it's important to ensure that the pre-wound bobbins are compatible with your sewing machine.
  • Winding Bobbins: Most sewing machines have a built-in bobbin winding mechanism. To wind a bobbin, you'll need to thread the machine, place an empty bobbin on the bobbin winder, and engage the winding mechanism. Make sure to follow your machine's specific instructions for bobbin winding.

Proper industrial bobbin tension 

  • Thread Tension: Proper bobbin tension is crucial for achieving balanced and even stitches. Many sewing machines have a bobbin tension adjustment that allows you to control the tension of the lower thread.
  • Bobbin Cases: In some sewing machines, the bobbin is placed in a bobbin case before being inserted into the machine. The bobbin case helps control thread tension and prevent thread jams. Make sure the bobbin case is properly inserted and threaded according to your machine's instructions.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your industrial bobbin area, including cleaning out lint and debris, is essential to ensure smooth sewing.

Always refer to your sewing machine's manual for specific instructions on the type of bobbin to use and how to properly insert and thread it. Using the wrong industrial bobbin or improperly threading it can result in sewing problems and machine damage.

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