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Overlock sewing machine

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JACK E-4 4Thread Overlock (Direct Drive) Industrial Sewing Machine
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JUKI MO-6804S 3 Thread Overlock
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JUKI MO-6814S – 4 Thread Industrial Overlock
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An industrial overlock machine is an indispensable tool in the clothing manufacture. Thanks to this machine, you will be able to make the stitching process an automatize and easy. In this article, we'll look at the overlock main types, as well as their purpose and suitable threads. 




What are the features of overlock machines?

The seam performed by the overlock is reliable and high quality. It gives the product a perfect, aesthetic look. Such an accurate stitch a simple sewing machine can't achieve. Industrial overlocker helps to sweep the edges and get rid of excess thread. While materials processing, stitches will look very professional.

4 Thread Industrial Overlock

The types of industrial overlock machine

What are the types of industrial overlockers?

In production, five types of overlockers are used. They differ in loops number, made  by needles. Let's look at them in detail:

  • Two threads: processes the fabric sections edge to prevent them from scattering;
  • Three thread: machines of this type are designed for classical fabrics processing. It contains three loops, that exchange threads during sewing. It can perform a conventional, role and decorative line;
  • Four threads: processes a cut several times, can be reinstalled to perform a two- or three-fibres seams;
  • Five-thread: ideal for working with knitwear, used for sewing products and parts grinding.

In addition, there is a coverlock, which combines an industrial overlock and a sewing machine. It also performs flat stitch, which can often be seen on elastic fabric.

3 Thread overlocker industrial sewing machine

As you can see, there are a sufficient number of different machines types, many of which are represented in our online shop.

The threads manufacturers for industrial overlock sewing machine

What threads are used for professional overlock machines?

The best universal yarns for industrial and domestic use, make Gutermann and Somac. Such threads will flawlessly perform the necessary seams types. Their fibres structure is smooth, and the range of colours impresses with its spectrum. Overlock thread should be highly elastic, soft and sliding on the material.

4 thread overlocker industrial sewing machine

The assortment overlock machines in our store 

⚡⚡⚡ What overlock sewing machine can we offer to buy online?

The most famous and well-proven brands that produce overlocks are JACK, Juki and Brother. Choose the best professional overlock machine our Konsew online shop, based on the operations you need to perform, referring to the characteristics described above. Check out the range and choose the best option for yourself at a good price!

Reviews about Overlock sewing machine
This is a brilliant machine I don't know how I managed without it. Easy to use, very sturdy a real workhorse.
I love this Juki overlocker, easy to use, and gives a perfect finish
Really pleased with this Juki overlock machine, it's easy to use It copes really well with all types of material, would definitely recommend it.
Jelena Faergemann
This machine is so quiet and creates an amazing job. :)
This machine is the best! Im very happy with my purchase.
This machine is the best!! Also shipping was fast and well packaged aswell.
This overlocker is perfect for day-to-day use!
Great overlocker, very happy with the price and the shipping.
This machine is the best!! love the price and friendly customer service as well.
Great overlock and it has the best price i could find online!
When i bought this machine, I was a bit sceptical about the shipping, but it came fully assembled on a pallet and was ready to use. Also it was very well packaged!
This overlocker is amazing!! the fully submerged Table is amazing!! helps a lot with my long fabric.
The fact that this machine is fully submerged makes it so much more comfortable to sew on for longer and short periods of time. 100% worth the price
Great table, definitely worth the money!!
Lovely machine, definitely better than your standard jack table and worth the extra price.
Great overlocker, very easy to use and operate!
This machine is amazing. Its price is the best i could find online.
This overlocker is brilliant. Its five thread feature makes it great!!
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