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JUKI MO-6804S 3 Thread industrial overlock machine with small (60cm) table-top.

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Brand: Juki
Product Code: JUKI MO-6804S
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Fast delivery in the UK, Ireland, and EU Price match guarantee 20% VAT is included Credit or Debit Card, PayPal Comprehensive 1 Year guarantee Call our expert today 07476066290

Genuine JUKI MO-6804S 3 Thread overlock industrial sewing machine with small (60cm) table-top.

Juki industrial machine is recommended for tailoring, curtain makers, fashion designers, alterations shops, bridal shops, schools, colleges, home, & dry cleaners. If you desire to sew on an industrial overlocker machine but your space is limiting you to stick to a domestic machine, then this machine will be perfect. It has a much smaller table and unit stand but is the same industrial overlock machine. 
The dimensions of the table are L 23,1/2 -W 20inch. L60cm-W 50cm This overlock machine is widely used in the sewing industry due to its fine quality and its adaptability to multiple materials. Juki has incorporated multiple mechanisms to ensure your sewing is the best it can be, such as a differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism, an external adjustment mechanism for adjusting the feed dog inclination. Juki has designed this machine in a way that will ensure the best seams produces whilst sewing at a high sewing speed of 7000 rpm. The Juki MO-6800S Series is a new and powerful overlock/safety stitch machine. This machine has adopted a differential feed, meaning that this overlock machine is able to sew on stretchy materials without ripping the thread.  Juki has made this a 3 thread overlocker. 3 threads mean that the machine will produce an overlock stitch that is 3-5MM wide. If you want your sewing to be the best quality, buy this machine and you will immediately see the difference. This machine has been built with a silent servo motor, allowing you to sew quietly and stress-free without loud noises being produced like a clutch motor will make.

This machine comes complete with:

Machine head 
Jack stand on wheels
Jack silent servo motor 
English high-quality tabletop 
This machine is offered with a 12 month back to base Guarantee.

Differential feed ratio For gathering 1:2 (Max. 1:4), For stretching 1:0.7 (Max. 1:0.6)
Differential-feed adjusting method By lever (with micro-adjustment)
Inclination angle of the needle 20°
Lubrication Automatic
Lubrication oil JUKI Machine Oil 18 (equivalent to ISO VG18)
Manufacturer’s guarantee 12 month
Max lift of the presser foot 7mm (excluding some subclass model)
Max presser foot pressure 63.7N (6.5kgf)
Needle bar stroke 24.5mm(60H:27.0mm)
Needle cooler Provided as standard
Needle System DC×27
Needle thread heat remover Provided as standard
Overegging width 4.0mm
Stitch adjusting method By push-button
Stitch length (mm) 0.6 ~ 3.8 (4.5) mm
Table top dimensions L 23,1/2 -W 20inch. L60cm-W 50cm
Type 1-needle overlock,
Weight of the machine head 27kg
Max Sewing Speed (sti/min) 7000
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