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Post bed sewing machines are specially created for heavyweight materials used in car seats, shoes, sofas, bags, hats, accessories, awnings, and tents. They can sew in any direction, quickly changing the direction.



What are the features of this type of machine?

  1. A height-adjustable raised column makes it easier to stitch hard-to-reach places.
  2. Reversible drop feed provides the ability to feed material opposite of a machines' normal direction.
  3. The presence of the hook allows you to sew with thread size 20. Changing the gear into a bevel gear reduces noise and vibration during operation.
  4. Synchronous operation of the upper and lower wheel feed ensures a steady movement of the material in the desired direction.
  5. Post bed factor is very versatile, as it allows you to get the needle anywhere on the product.
  6. Almost all modern machines are equipped with a silent motor, which eliminates noise and vibrations to the bare minimum. The adjustable speed allows beginners and professionals to choose the most suitable sewing mode.
  7. A presser foot is also set using the automatic bar lifting lever. This allows heavy materials to be combined with sponges like sofas.


What technical characteristics should you pay attention to when choosing post sewing machine?

Post-sewing machines come in several types of feed, with the most prominent being a roller presser. It allows processing from medium-heavy to heavy materials, where thick threads are usually used. The most common options are top and bottom gear-driven rollers with different foot variations (e.g., flat ones are for flat, lint-free surfaces).

When choosing a machine, consider the type of tailoring: double-needle employs a two-line lock-stitch single-needle - a lock stitch. The difference is that the lock stitch is more reliable and durable, even if you break a link. Optional 2-step or 3-step zigzag industrial equipment will also enhance the sewing firmness.

Organized split needle bars allow you to create well-balanced topstitch seams even when sewing multi-layered parts.

High-tech equipment designed for industrial use is typically high-speed. Therefore, the walking- or presser-foot alternating vertical movement mechanism is extremely important to prevent irregular stitches

In addition, the distance from the machine arm to the needles affects the workability: the more it is, the better the processing.

The eccentricity of the feed driving cam setting depends on the type of material and threads: this eliminates the need for preparing other subclass model equipment.


When choosing a machine, you should also pay attention to the stability of the lubrication system: for example, the oil flow to the hook allows you to create neat seams.

What is the lineup presented in our online store?

A large selection of post-bed sewing machines in the UK is presented at the Konsew store. Here are collected the best models of well-known manufacturers, which are distinguished by their durability and reliability. Let's consider them in more detail.


The line of equipment from the well-known giant company is represented by the Global LP 9971 and Global LP 9971 LH-R models. These are industrial single-needle post bed machines with a reversible top-driven roller, wheel, and needle feed with a standard hook. The Global LP 9971 LH-R is equipped with a manual back tack and a large hook.


Intelligent control computerized Jack S7 is a breakthrough in the sewing machine market. This heavy-duty equipment has several automatic functions such as a trimmer, reverse sewing, and auto presser foot lifter. It also has a stepper motor-controlled feeding system. JACK JK-6691 has similar functionality, which increases efficiency by more than 40%. An intelligent dual USB interface and voice guide make operation much easier.


JUKI PLC-2710S70BB / X73211 is equipped with a high-torque direct-drive motor that provides excellent responsiveness and ensures increased penetration into textiles or leather. Besides, the seamstress can change sewing lengths instantaneously. JUKI PLC-2760 has a high lift of the presser bar and also provides the possibility of the eccentricity adjustment of the feed driving cam. This allows you to stitch heavy materials while preventing slippage.

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Great machine, very happy with the service as well.
Amazing machine, very happy with the price aswell. Other websites were too expensive.
This machine is really worth its money. I couldn't be happier with the quality!
Great machine, and one of the best machines online. Im very happy with this.
Helen. J
I sew car seats and this machine makes my life 100x easier. This machine is worth the purchase.
Lucy. P
This machine sews my leather shoes amazingly! the stichs are extremely good.
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