Cylinder arm sewing machine

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Global WF 1335 Single Needle Cylinder Arm Walking Foot Sewing Machine
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The Best Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine: The Main Aspects of Choosing

What is the Cylinder arm sewing machine used for?

Cylinder arm sewing machines with walking feet are used in a wide range of textile industries — for example, in the manufacture of shoes, suitcases, and leather goods. Most often, they are structurally heavy-duty sewing machines with a lever for controlling the movement of the main cylinder... The cylinder is built with a triple feed mechanism, separate needle bar feed, and other options that make sewing seams much easier and improve their overall quality.  

cylinder arm industrial sewing machine


Where are cylinder arm industrial sewing machines used?

Most cylinder arm industrial sewing machine models are Ideal for heavy materials alike, thanks to the increased power of most models. It is used in the textile industry for the processing of bags, gloves, shoes, and belts. Many models offer additional features and benefits, such as a pressure-sensitive reverse lever and a rotary stitch length adjuster (ideal for zig-zag stitch types).



What are the main advantages of cylinder-arm sewing machines?
  • You can always put a cylinder-arm machine inside a bag — it’s very compact and versatile, even heavy-duty models with presser foot;
  • An attachable tabletop simplifies sewing and cutting such things as wallets;
  • Exceptionally good to process cuffs, collars, and small textile areas.



Cylinder Arm Sewing Machines for Sale Models Available

What Cylinder Arm machines can we offer?

The following sewing machine models are available in our online store:
  • Global (models WF35; WF35 DDG; WF35 (with specific needles position). This industrial sewing machine is a heavy-duty sewing machine with a cylinder arm for greater versatility and control. Built for free feed adjustment and high-quality seam processing. Great for light to heavy materials, locks, belts, shoes, and leather goods. The company's sewing machines significantly improve the processing of any items of clothing and furniture fittings (for example — beds), providing owners of industrial enterprises with the broadest opportunities to improve the main areas of production;
  • Jack (models JK-797DI-4-514; JK-8669BDI; JK-T9270D-12-2PS-Q; JK-T9280D-73-2PL-Q; K4-D-01GB-3N; K4-UT-01GBX356). In our store, there is a wide range of sewing machines from this manufacturer, designed for processing leather goods, and other types of clothing and accessories. They are characterized by compactness and versatility, complemented by increased power — in total, this guarantees high-quality processing of all types of fabrics at high speeds. Most models have an energy-efficient motor and variable feed rate. These models provide stitch length control and other useful options that will be the perfect addition to any industrial textile enterprise;
  • Juki (models DSC-245; LS234H-7; MF7923U11B56; MF7923U11B56; Juki TSC-441). Specialized models from a worldwide famous company, many years providing reliable sewing equipment. Each model featured has been engineered to provide the highest levels of reliability and handle the thickest and heaviest materials. Most models feature reduced noise levels, so you can sew while saving energy and time. The company's sewing machines are equipped with direct-drive motors and high torque, guaranteeing superior performance even on the toughest and heaviest material;
  • Typical (model GC2603). This model is a single-needle lockstitch machine with a cylindrical arm and walking foot for greater operator comfort. Ideal for upholstery, leather saddle stitching, light, and heavy textile work. Comes with large-capacity crochet hooks so you can sew with more threads and bobbins. The lice hardware is reinforced with triple feed resulting in unrivaled seam quality. The versatile design with a narrow cylinder and free sleeve guarantees improved processing of any item of clothing, accessories, belts, shoes, and leather products.
Reviews about Cylinder arm sewing machine
Absolutely love this machine.
Harry. K
Great machine and arrived quickly. Very happy.
Jimmy. D
Amazing machine. couldn't ask for anything better.
Oksana 08
Love Jack K 5 and came ready to use, just needed to top up the oil and it was ready to go.
This machine is great, I bought it for my small sop, and it really has made my sewing a lot quicker, meaning I get through more clients in a day. Very happy.
Great machine, the automatic feature really helps out, it speeds us the entire process
So happy with my purchase. Deffo is worth the money!
This is a great machine. It runs very quietly and smoothly. There is a learning curve to using it. But it was fairly simple to master
Sarah. L
I tried buying this machine in other shop, and they didn't have it in stock. Very happy I found Konsew and was able to get this machine delivered to me quickly.
The machine sews on sportswear amazingly. it is just great seams and high-quality finish that makes me love this machine. Very happy!
This is a great machine for volume heavy duty work. The machine shipped quickly arrived in good condition and was easily set up
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