Titanium coated needles

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Titanium sewing machine needles 

The perception of the integrity of the product in the buyer's eyes largely depends on small details - the quality of materials, fittings, and stitching. The basis of these obvious things is the expert personnel and equipment on which items are made. That's why most entrepreneurs pay attention to the consumables on which depend not only a smooth seam but also the time and effort the seamstress spent on their replacement. Let's discuss how tiny titanium-coated needles save the production process from downtime, extra depreciation, and labor costs.

What products are titanium sewing machine needles used for?

Each titanium sewing machine needle has characteristics such as various shapes, eye sizes, and abrasion rates. So, for example, stitching leather requires a strong base and a thin point. In contrast, microtex requires a minimum diameter to avoid damaging the fibers.

If you are working with quilting, applique, and embroidery techniques, the shape and coating of the needle should also ensure smooth stitches. In addition, it is well-known that a "regular" needle is good for up to eight hours of work. Nevertheless, this period is one sewing machine cycle when productivity can sometimes reach 1000 stitches per minute. As a result, the consumable wears out - it can become blunt, bend, and tear the thread due to the formation of a burr on the point. Therefore, if high-quality products and a minimum of money for depreciation are a priority, it is worth using titanium-coated sewing machine needles. 

Here are essential details to consider when choosing these particular consumables:

  1. Use 70/10 needles for thin fabrics;

  2. The 80/12 size is great for embroidery;

  3. The 90/14 size is designed for heavy materials.

What are the unique features of titanium sewing needles?

The main advantage of titanium sewing needles and, in general, the reason why many entrepreneurs choose them is their abrasion resistance and durability. No matter how you tighten the thread or what material you stitch, they are hard to break. The fact is that such consumables are made of high-strength steel, which, after acquiring a particular shape, is dipped in a specific solution to eliminate roughness. It is coated with chromium and titanium nitride to smooth the needle and have a high friction resistance. As a result, the needle gets harder than the chromed metal one - it's been proven that the latter loses about 120 microns of thickness compared to 25 microns of titanium consumables. In addition, such needles usually fit well with a clearance plate up to the seam. This is especially important when processing multi-layer materials, namely when quilting.

What titanium needles are represented in the store?

In the world of titanium needles, it is sometimes difficult to find the right one and choose the best manufacturer. So, three popular brands produce the highest quality consumables - Groz-Beckert Topstitch and Superior. The point is that these needles have a more elongated eye than regular needles - this reduces tension and friction of the thread at the point where the stitch is created. In addition, the distance from eye to point is also greater compared to the chrome needles.

Also, the marking does not always determine the shape. Sometimes, needles may differ due to the peculiarities of production technology, the pattern, and point sharpening. To avoid miscalculating, it is worth using only proven options.

Why Konsew?

Titanium needles are represented in the Konsew shop by the best industrial sewing equipment manufacturers, such as Topstitch and Groz-Beckert. The Konsew range includes a wide range of sizes available. 

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I cannot believe that these needles are this good and that cheap and also how quickly they arrived! 5 out of 5!
Ashly. K
Arrived quickly and were good to use straight away. Very happy.
Not much to say about these other than they are good quality sewing machine needles. Can't go wrong with these.
These needles just feel amazing. Their titanuim coating really does make them the highest quality.
Dima. K
I didn't know if these needles where supposed to be for my machine, so I called cons, and they were able to advise me on what needles to get.
Fantastic product. Fabulous service in fact impeccable service. Keep up the good work
These needles are just amazing! I have purchased a pack a few months ago, and they are still in mint condition!
Arrived quickly and are great needles. Extremely happy.
Purchased these needles to stitch webbing strap, on advice of staff. Worked well, able to complete repair.
These needles are so much better than the standard groz-bekert
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