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Which double needle sewing machine is the best? What should you choose and what characteristics should you look for? For these and other questions read our article.

The sewing machine for leather needs special attention and careful consideration of all features of work with this material. High-quality tailoring of leather goods is only possible for specialized sewing machines. Other models just can not perform such heavy loads. That is why it is worth taking a responsible approach to how to choose a heavy-duty sewing machine.

double needle sewing machine

⚡ ⚡ ⚡​ How to choose double needle sewing machine ❓

Let's talk more about the features of heavy duty machines:

  • twin needle sewing machine – these are two needles that are joined together using a block. They are intended for firmware of parallel lines. The distance between the needles is 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm and more
  • twin needle industrial sewing machine – it is convenient to use when finishing the stitches. It is widely used for sewing on a large industrial scale.

Steps you should consider when choosing a twin needle machine: 

  • If it is possible to try the double needle machine before the purchase, this option would be best.
  • If the purchase is made through an online store, contact the consultant, he/she will help with the choice. Tell him/her your requirements for the two needle sewing machine and your preferred  model.

Importantly! When choosing a double sewing needle. The needle does not always exactly match these sizes. Always buy one millimeter less.

Also, all twin needles differ in distance between the needles. The more you have in the set of different options, the more types of finishing stitches on the machine can be performed.
It is easy to compare, especially when ordering online.

twin needle industrial sewing machine

 ✅ How to choose the needle for twin needle sewing machine ❓

Another important question is how to choose the needle

  • Universal needle. Here everything is clear from the name. It is used for most types of fabric.
  • Double needle for jeans. Quite strong and very sharp needle.
  • Stretch. Needle with rounded end or a ball-point needle. It does not protrude or tear the material, which is very important, especially for work performed on a stretchy fabric, knitwear. 

What do you need to know to choose a two-needle sewing machine?

⭐ What do you need to know about twin needle industrial sewing machine ❓

Number of sewing operations. This figure directly affects the cost of the device. Choosing a sewing machine should be guided not by their number, but by the presence of specific operations required directly by you. Brands with a long history of sewing machine development and creation offer the widest range of models. Pay attention to Brother, Juki, Jack, Global, Typical, Toyota, Husqvarna, Janome, Minerva, Pfaff, Singer. All products of these manufacturers are high quality and reliable, differ only in functionality and price. The price range is quite wide: there are low budget simple models to expensive top class, computerized models.

two needle sewing machine

Among the high quality industrial sewing machines are the following

⚡ ⚡ ⚡ What can we offer❓

  • JUKI DSC-245U / X55278. This sewing machine is definitely worth the money requested for it. In addition to increased reliability, power, ability to cope with any heavy duty material and leather, it is characterized by the most quiet operation and minimal vibration. Triple unisonous feed advancement simplifies work when stitching heavy fabrics in several layers. The maximum speed is also convenient – up to 2200 stitches per minute.
  • Jack A6F The new-generation industrial sewing machine has a contemporary European-style design. It is designed for sewing medium and heavy fabrics, easily copes with leather. Stability of work when sewing thick materials is provided by the function of preventing needle breakage. Since the sewing machine belongs to the category of industrial, the speed of work on it reaches 4000 stitches per minute. Stitch lengths can be made up to 5 mm. Despite the fact that the model is designed for professionals, to deal with it will not be particularly difficult.

£ Where to buy two needle sewing machine❓

Summarizing all of the above: choosing the right sewing machine to work with leather guarantees you success, quality products and great results. We hope that this article was helpful for you. In our online store, you can choose your desired sewing machine. Our range of machines is very wide, just visit our website. Our consultant will help you to choose the right machine for you, and answer all your questions. 

Reviews about Twin needle industrial sewing machine
Very good machine, and a very good price! Fast delivery aswwell.
The best heavy-duty machine i could get in any shop!!!!
Great machine, it is very good quality and a very good price.
I have been using this machine for a month now and it just keeps getting better, usually id expects a machine to start deteriorating by now, but this one is as good as new!
This machine is just great! it came quickly and in amazing shape. Couldn't be happier!
This machine might seem a bit pricy, but trust me, its worth every penny
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This machine is one of the best have been able to find online, and the price is the lowest as well. It arrived quickly and was ready to use straight away.
Love the price and the machine even more. It is perfect for sewing leather. I sew leather bags and this machine has made the job so easy. I couldn't be happier.
I absolutely love my machine. It does everything you need and more.
I love my new machine! It really does give me confidence to sew. Exactly what I was looking for.
This lovely machine is quiet,well designed and easy to use.Very happy with this machine does what I want it todo
Haynes. J
This machine sews my leather bags beautifully. Very happy!
Tommy. S
Great machine and was dispatched quick and arrived in mint condition. Couldn't be happier with the machine and price Konsew have provided
I work in a factory and when I started using this machine on jeans, my life became 10 times easier!
Mick. O
This machine is perfect for sewing sleeves. Perfect for my jobs and sews like a beauty.
I bought this Juki machine about one month ago and Im very happy with this purchase. I do car seats reupholstery and this machine is essential for my business. It easily manages heavy materials and creates a perfect double stitch. Thank you Mick Konsew for suggesting this model to me.
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