Needle feed sewing machine

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Global WF 1515 Walking Foot Needle Feed Industrial Sewing Machine
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Needle feed machine models are special equipment that offers higher sewing performance and a bunch of useful functions, exceptionally helpful during processing textile production, such as bags or clothes. Additionally, such sewing equipment types are much easier to operate, they’re faster, use less energy and are way much quieter than most other types of industrial equipment. 

What is needle feed sewing machine used for?

Previously, needle feed sewing equipment were commonly used to make consumer goods, but now many industrial enterprises are trying to complete their production facilities with such sewing machines to ensure high-quality processing of almost all types of fabrics and the manufacture of the widest range of textiles.


Needle feed machine


Needle Feed Sewing Machine. Which One to Choose?

While choosing a sewing machine, firstly pay special attention to the following aspects:

  • Type of stops. Depending on this aspect, the sewing machine can process diverse types of fabrics, and thicker types require more powerful stops for fixing;
  • The presence of a servo motor. Thanks to it, the optimal control mode of the machine is achieved. In addition, sewing machines of this type are lighter and use less power due to mechanical transmission;
  • Twin needle. Twin-needle sewing machines provide a stiffer, stronger seam for exceptional product quality. In particular, this option will be extremely useful when processing leather products, bags and other textiles made of thick fabrics or natural leather;
  • Sewing speed. Most models provide a stitching speed of at least 2000 stitches per minute, which is sufficient for sewing large amounts of fabric. However, full-fledged industrial production requires at least 2500+ stitches per minute, so when choosing sewing equipment, pay attention to stitching speed. Most modern needle feed sewing machines guarantee excellent quality and strength of seams, however, with a lower sewing speed than some heavy duty models;
  • The length of the needle feed zone. Thanks to the most professional models, it is possible to achieve very smooth operation of the sewing machine along the entire length of the seam, without the need to move the fabric. This is extremely useful when processing certain types of textiles — in particular, long winter jackets and jackets, bags and other items with long locks or stitching lines;
  • Additional components that greatly simplify and optimize the sewing process. In particular, a sewing dog will be an extremely useful addition — it simplifies the control of the needle movement, guaranteeing an autonomous sewing process even when processing complex products.

Needle Feed Sewing Machine


Our Online Store Assortment

In our online store, there are top models of needle feed sewing machines from the world's leading manufacturers. Thanks to the wide assortment, every entrepreneur will find sewing equipment for himself and his wallet.

What needle feed sewing machines can we offer?

In particular, in the list of needle feed sewing machine sale models, the leading positions are taken by models from the Global company. Thanks to the versatility and regular improvement of the brand's products, in 2020 the models of this brand guarantee high-quality processing of almost all types of textiles, with significant savings in time and energy costs. They are equipped with the latest patented mechanisms that facilitate the sewing process and ensure optimal processing speed for leather, fabric and other types of products.

Models from the Jack company deserve no less attention. This manufacturer has long established itself as one of the best sewing equipment companies. Among the models presented, you can find fully automated sewing machines that provide maximum speed and excellent seam quality.

Particular attention should be paid to the assortment from the Juki company. Thanks to the large number of models available, every businessman has found sewing equipment that will fully satisfy his needs for the speed and quality of processing any seams.

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