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Bartack sewing machine

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Industrial Bartack Sewing Machine: The Main Aspects of Choosing

What is bartack sewing machine used for?

In a case of stitching one piece of fabric over and over, or after additional stitching to increase the tear strength, the material is often secured with a special bartack. In this case, industrial bartack machine must first sew as standard, and then sew a reverse zig-zag on ​​such a line. Even small adjustments can be realized with the precise intermediate fastening of the fabric between the bartack and cover stitch.

industrial bartack sewing machine



The basic principle of the sewing machine with bartacks:

What are the main advantages of industrial bartack machines?

  • To begin with, the sewing machine sews short stitches (1 to 2 centimeters) and then carefully sews the closing stitches at right angles (without any special hook). The number of locking stitches is variable — due to their texture, it is possible to achieve a maximum tensile strength of the fabric (for example, during feeding), even checking this parameter at the seam passes;
  • Typical applications for industrial bartack sewing machines are to close the ends of buttonholes (for more quick button sewing), reinforce the ends of pocket openings, and sew a belt parts to a textile product;
  • The main points of feed regulation in such devices are the place of fixation of the needle, the supply of pressure to the main working head, the average stitch length and density.
  • The main use of bartack machine:
  • Sewing harnesses and belts to clothes (without cutting material);
  • Increasing the tensile strength of the product in the corners of pockets and other vulnerable areas;
  • Closing the two corners of the buttonhole (special mechanical arm required);
  • Fixing and closing the zipper seam (with the help of pressing foot).

bartack machine




Bartack Sewing Machine for Sale Assortment 

What bartack machines can we offer?

At the moment, our online store presents the best models of sewing machines from the world's most famous manufacturers:
  • Juki (models LK-1900S-SS; LK-1900BNHS; LK-1900S-HS). Bartack sewing machines from this famous manufacturer have long been known in the world market as excellent. They are characterized by an excellent quality of the seam, which significantly increases the strength of products when tested for rupture. The multi-option control panel offers the widest range of options for adjusting seam speed, number of stitches, and needles pressure. Thanks to broad functionality and versatility, these models of bartack sewing machines will be an excellent addition to completing an industrial sewing enterprise with reliable and durable professional equipment;
  • Jack (models JK-T1900 GSK-D; JK-T1906GS-D). High-speed electronic sewing equipment used for efficient sewing and strengthening of various garments and furniture fittings. It has a programmable microprocessor, the memory of which contains more than 100 types of stitch patterns for user selection. The standard design is very easy to use thanks to the classic spacing, adjustable needle pressure, and standard seam bartack foot. The machine is equipped with many functions, including automatic operation control via a liquid crystal screen. 
  • Brother (models KE-430HX-03; KE-430HX-05). They are widely used by manufacturers to obtain beautiful and fast seams. The thread tension is automatically adjusted according to the fabric being used, ideal for thick materials. Provides the operator with maximum productivity and high reproducibility of sewing. Mentioned models provide clean sewing, preventing the appearance of oil stains on the surface of the material. All models of the manufacturer's sewing machines are designed to be semi-dry and provide a constant flow of clean oil throughout the machine, which guarantees trouble-free operation for many hours. 




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