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Jack MG-80A Direct Drive, Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine (800mmx550mm)

Jack MG-80A Direct Drive, Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine (800mmx550mm)

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Jack MG-80A Computerized, Direct Drive, Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine (800mmx550mm)

JACK MG-80AP"  machine is used for sewing repetitive patterns on various materials and is commonly employed in the production of items like bags, shoes, upholstery, and other sewn goods.

Typically, pattern sewing machines have the following characteristics:

Pattern Field machine 80x550cm, a new concept of Pattern Field machine with a workspace that can be reduced thanks to the folding table, you can save space from 1500mm to 1200mm. The loading of the templates is quick and easy thanks to the RFID reading of the sewing program. Quick and easy window to change the bobbin.

Large Sewing Area: Pattern sewing machines often have a larger sewing area to accommodate the size of the patterns being sewn.

Computerized Control: Many modern pattern sewing machines are computer-controlled, allowing for precise stitching and ease of programming different patterns.

Versatile Stitch Patterns: These machines can be programmed to sew various stitch patterns, allowing for flexibility in design and application.

High-Speed Sewing: Industrial pattern sewing machines are designed for high-speed production, helping to increase efficiency in manufacturing.

Thread Trimming and Auto Functions: Some pattern sewing machines come equipped with automatic thread trimming and other automated functions, reducing the need for manual intervention between patterns.

RFID: The radio frequency reader reads disks where you can save the drawing of sewing endless times. When you approach the template, the machine will automatically change the drawing.

The quick buttons allow you to quickly activate the most used functions: emergency stop, cleaning with air, the descent of the template clamp, and the start of the seam.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface it is possible to create programs from the display or use software to pc and import them via USB or wifi with IOT

Large Workspace: The machine usually has a spacious work area to handle the materials and patterns effectively.

As always, when considering the purchase or use of any industrial sewing machine, it's essential to consult the official manufacturer's documentation and specifications to understand the machine's features, capabilities, and applications fully. Additionally, if "JACK MG-80AP" is a recent model, you can reach out to our shop for more information.

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Brand Jack
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