Correct industrial sewing equipment threading is the key aspect to correct sewing and processing of each seam, which is the key to making a truly quality product. Industrial equipment, in most cases,… Read more
During this difficult time, when most people are staying at home, charities are sewing scrubs for the NHS. Our company Konsew LTD supports a charity group “Scrubs Glorious Scrubs”, which… Read more
We are talking about a sewing machine which is meant for professional use. Other types of models are for home use only. So, we are looking at machines which are built for being used all around the… Read more
When you choose a sewing machine, it is necessary to take into account many features, especially the necessary functions. There are two types of machines: industrial and household. Industrial type… Read more
Working with any device is a great responsibility; therefore, to avoid accidents you should follow certain rules of use. Do not use appliance without reading the instruction of using, because even a… Read more
This question is most acute when choosing a specific model of computerized sewing machine. It is with this type of machine that the number of lines stitches often exceeds two hundred and causes… Read more
In fact, any, even the simplest sewing machine can help you in creating a masterpiece. The era of the great couturiers came in the second half of the XIX — early XX century, when sewing… Read more
Selecting needles and threads for sewing, we must pay attention to two aspects. They are equivalent to each other. The first, most obvious - the thickness of the thread should correspond to the… Read more
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