Coverstitch sewing machine

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JACK W4-D-01GBX356 3N 5.6MM Coverstitch (Top & Bottom)
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£878.00 £1,099.00
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Coverstitch Sewing Machine. The Main Aspects and Characteristics

Modern coverstitch sewing machines are highly demandable for industrial companies, as it leads to producing better products with reliable seams. Accordingly, the price of such products is higher due to quality.



✅ What are the features of Coverstitch Sewing Machines❓
Thanks to the high-quality performance, the equipment performs an excellent job of all given tasks — from the full-format production of knitted thick products and high-quality expensive material to the conveyor stitching for subsequent cutting. Long ago, special separate equipment was required to process the stitch, or when it was necessary to change the needle and thread press tension by hand, stopping the whole production process. Due to the multifunctionality of the industrial coverstitch machine, the processing of diverse materials and seams can be performed without removing the product from the desktop, which significantly expands the possibilities of its use in mass conveyor-speed production.


The Main Benefits of Industrial Coverstitch Sewing Machine

Today, many industrial coverstitch sewing machine models are represented, although their selection isn’t as great as overlock types or other industrial sewing equipment. Unlike standard sewing machines or lockstitch models, cover stitch types are characterized by great emphasis on multifunctionality and the number of various seam types supported. 
 ✅ How to choose Сoverstitch Sewing Machine❓
Choosing a cover stitch sewing machine, you should pay special attention to:
  • Number of Threads — Most embroidered equipment uses three main threads and loops. Numerous models are supplemented with two threads for the main seam and a separate looper, which will be an excellent choice for versatile manufacturing production;
  • Threading — Modern models are as easy to thread and use as standard ones. Particular models provide automatic air jets, which can be essential for quick correction of the seam in case of problems with the equipment;
  • Tension — Mostly, a hand mechanism for adjusting the thread tension is installed by default — set via a rotary controller or lever (or automatic alerts system, which advances the most innovative equipment). More advanced types provide additional control elements that allow adjusting the thread tension when processing at thicker intersections of seams that are used in the manufacture of sweatshirts or fleece products;
  • Free Arm — According to many experts, the free arm is one of the key controls for the correct fabric stitching (particularly, famous Bernette sewing equipment models). Due to its presence, it is possible to sew collars and cuffs on an industrial scale, as well as process other tube-shaped elements of clothing and other products in an accelerated mode. If your company manufactures products with collars and cuffs, choose a model with a free hand — this will significantly increase production productivity;
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure — This option allows the presser foot to be closer or farther away from the machine bed. Such a feature directly affects the reliability of each stitch. It’s a real rescue for the correction of wavy edges. Thanks to the presser foot option, you can successfully hem both thick raglans and thin draped knitwear;

coverstitch machine


Manufacturers Coverstitch Machine

⚡ ⚡ ⚡ What can we offer❓

The assortment of the online store includes sewing equipment of two manufacturers:

  • Jack. The best coverstitch machine in the UK, according to expert opinion. They are popular all over the world due to the large number of presented models. If you plan to provide an industrial enterprise, then be sure to pay special attention to Jack's sewing equipment — thanks to the huge diversity, every customer can equip production facilities with the whole range of necessary machines for sewing almost all types of products. Also, our store offers Jack coverstitch machine for sale. In particular, pay attention to the W4-D-01GBX356 3N 5.6MM Coverstitch (Top & Bottom), available in stock at a record low price of just 899 £, and the K4-UT-01GBX356 (UBT) Cylinder arm coverstitch industrial machine (top & bottom), one of the manufacturer's most advanced sewing machine models.;
  • Juki. The sewing equipment of this company guarantees the highest performance rates due to the versatility of each model. Taking into account the widest choice of settings, Juki sewing machines can be used for sewing a wide variety of products. Supplementing the production with the most advanced sewing machine models, every buyer can be sure of the confident operation of the enterprise with any kind of order. The Juki MF7923U11B56 Cylinder arm industrial coverstitch sewing engine, which is equipped with the latest technology and allows performing a wide number of operations, as well as the Juki MF7523U Flat bed industrial coverstitch sewing machine, allowing you to use a vast number of types of seams, without changing the initial settings.

Article about industrial cover stitch sewing machines

Industrial cover stitch sewing machines are a specialized type of machine designed to create a double-sided stitch, with one row of stitches on the top of the fabric and another row on the bottom. These machines are commonly used for hems, cuffs, and other areas where a clean, professional finish is desired, making them essential for manufacturers looking to optimize their production processes and create high-quality products.

Compared to domestic cover stitch machines, industrial cover stitch machines are larger, heavier, and more powerful. They are built to handle heavy-duty materials and high-volume production, with many models capable of running for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One of the primary advantages of industrial cover stitch machines is their speed. These machines are designed to sew at a rapid pace, with some models capable of sewing up to 7,000 stitches per minute. This speed is essential for manufacturers who need to produce large quantities of garments or other textile products quickly.

Industrial cover stitch machines come in a range of different types, including one-needle, two-needle, and three-needle models. Each type of machine is designed for a specific purpose, with two-needle machines being the most common. These machines create a strong, durable stitch by using two needles and a looper.

Three-needle machines are designed for heavier fabrics and create a stronger, more durable stitch by using three needles and a looper. One-needle machines are less common and are typically used for thinner fabrics like knits and jerseys.

In addition to their speed and versatility, industrial cover stitch machines also offer a range of other features designed to make the production process more efficient. These include automatic thread cutters, adjustable stitch length and width, and programmable needle positions. Many industrial machines also come equipped with computerized controls, allowing operators to easily switch between different stitch patterns and settings.

Overall, industrial cover stitch machines are an essential tool for manufacturers looking to optimize their production processes and create high-quality textile products. With their speed, power, and versatility, these machines are capable of handling a wide variety of materials and producing large quantities of garments and other textile products quickly and efficiently.

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Harry. K
Great machine and arrived quickly. Very happy.
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Amazing machine. couldn't ask for anything better.
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Love Jack K 5 and came ready to use, just needed to top up the oil and it was ready to go.
Incredible, very fast and perfect design.
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Great machine and arrived quickly and in great shape.
This machine is amazing, doing the job perfectly and motor isn't as loud as a clutch one.
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Just an amazing machine at an amazing price. Very happy with machine and delivery.
Great quality machine. Very happy with the purchase.
This is a great machine. It runs very quietly and smoothly. There is a learning curve to using it. But it was fairly simple to master
If you're looking to expand your sewing or manufacturing business, this machine cannot be beat. It is the world's leading brand in industrial sewing machines. Plus, I love saying it. Juki!
Sarah. L
I tried buying this machine in other shop, and they didn't have it in stock. Very happy I found Konsew and was able to get this machine delivered to me quickly.
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