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Sewing machine parts & accessories (servo motors...)

In the process of active work on sewing equipment, breakdowns can occur. They unbalance the production cycle. In order not to waste time while searching for the sewing machine parts for industrial or home needs, you can easily buy everything you need in the online Konsew store.

Variety of sewing machines attachments

What are the sewing machines attachments?

Timely maintenance of equipment is the key to success. When diagnosing breakdowns or adjusting settings, sometimes it's necessary to replace worn parts. In the Konsew shop, there are such industrial sewing machine attachments varieties:

  1. Supplies: shuttles, bobbins, paws, knives, needles and plates. 
  2. Small mechanization elements and covers: thread tension regulators, quiltings, edgers, loopers, foots, bobbin holders, pressers.
  3. Short-life items: belts, oil pumps, discs.
  4. Fasteners: installation fingers.

A sudden breakdown can completely stop the production process for several days. Remember that it's desirable to buy original industrial sewing machine parts online and at specialized sale's points.  Even if you don't find the products described in the list, contact Konsew service operator. They will definitely help you! 

What are the most common sewing machine parts that require frequent replacements?

The consumables you've reviewed above are the elements that wear out so quickly. That's why new industrial sewing machine parts must be bought with a margin. Without such trifles as regulators, tension screw-nuts, shuttle mechanisms, bobbin cases, mounting brackets, needle plates, knives sets for overlocks, there won't be correct threads fixation, as well as the ability to perform various operating options. 

Make it your rule: change parts long before they broke. After all, by delaying the replacement process of breakdowns, you doom other parts that are connected in one mechanism.

What assortment is presented on our online store?

It often happens that due to constant work, the motor wears out. Its repair most often comes down to replacement. After all, when the winding is damaged, it's almost impossible to find a break. Moreover, soldering doesn't make sense. It's easier to take a new drive and make a replacement. Often, when the engine breaks down, it's necessary to change the belt, and also to install the electrical lighting wiring.  An experienced electrician can also suggest that sometimes an engine breakage entails the brushes replacement. 
So, the store assortment has: 

  • Bobbin Case 
  • Bobbins 
  • Industrial Feet 
  • Ironing System Spares 
  • Needle Clamps & Screws 
  • Needle Plates & Feed Dogs 
  • Sewing machine Hook & Base 
  • Sewing machine looper 
  • Tension and Springs 
  • Trimming Knives 

The companies whose products we supply are market leaders. They produce not only high-quality equipment but parts for it. Here you can find Brother, Juki, Singer, Toyota, Jack and others. 


How to buy sewing machine parts on our online store?  

At Konsew you'll find absolutely everything! Now you don’t have to look for anything for a long time. All you need to do - is to go to the store’s website and buy everything you want in three clicks. 

A convenient and simple search will help you quickly find any items at a great price. The cost includes shipping of the ordered goods. Add goods to the basket and continue your shopping. But before you need to create an account or register on the website. There is also a useful option to compare products on the shopping list.

To contact us go to the category "Contacts". Call us right now: 07476066290!

Write to us: [email protected] and we will answer you immediately!

Reliability, quality and the best price - all these are in one store. Konsew is your best partner who never let you down!

Reviews about Sewing machine parts
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This part may be pricey, but its the cheapest anywhere and exact same quality as any other seller
Arrived quick, suited my machine and is exactly what I need. Thanks Konsew!
Very good quality part and very good price. Konsew are the best sewing shop in the UK
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Konsew really do have the cheapest and best parts here. Very happy!
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This part is great for my walking foot. Couldn't be happier !
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