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JACK E4 5Thread Overlock Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine
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JACK E4 5Thread Overlock Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine

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JACK E4  5Thread Overlock (Direct Drive) Industrial Sewing Machine.
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Jack sewing machine is a new leading supplier in direct drive motors. 
Their machine always has a unique design, and advanced features to assist you with your sewing. 
All of their machines use direct drive motors, meaning the machine doesn't vibrate when you sew. It works very quietly, it saves electricity and helps the environment. 
The direct drive motor pushes the needle harder into the material, making it easier to sew and smother as well.
Jack industrial machine is recommended for tailoring, curtain makers, fashion designers, alterations shops, bridal shops, schools, colleges, home, & dry cleaners.
This machine comes complete with head, energy direct drive internal motor, wheel stand, table and cotton stand.

This machine comes with an energy saving speed adjustable silent motor, proven to save up to 20% electricity when compared with a standard motor!

Key features and specifications of the JACK E4 5-Thread Overlock (Direct Drive) Industrial Sewing Machine may include:

1. 5-Thread Overlock: The machine is designed to create a 5-thread overlock stitch, which is commonly used for finishing raw fabric edges, preventing fraying, and providing a professional and neat look to the seams.

2. Direct Drive Technology: The "Direct Drive" feature refers to a type of motor installed directly on the machine's main shaft, providing improved energy efficiency and reduced noise during operation. This design eliminates the need for a traditional belt-driven system.

3. Industrial Grade: The JACK E4 is an industrial-grade sewing machine, built for high-performance and heavy-duty sewing applications. It is suitable for use in garment factories, apparel manufacturing, and other industrial sewing settings.

4. Speed Control: The machine likely comes with speed control options, allowing the operator to adjust the sewing speed according to the specific sewing task or fabric type.

5. Stitch Length Adjustment: The machine may have options to adjust the stitch length, enabling the user to customize the stitch length for different sewing requirements.

6. Thread Tension Adjustment: Adjustable thread tension is a common feature in industrial machines, allowing the operator to fine-tune the tension for different types of fabrics and threads.

7. Cutting Mechanism: The machine should be equipped with a cutting mechanism for trimming excess fabric after the overlock stitch is applied.

Please note that the specifications and features of specific models might vary depending on the production year and any updates or modifications made by the manufacturer. For the most current and accurate information about the JACK E4 5-Thread Overlock (Direct Drive) Industrial Sewing Machine, it is recommended to check with Konsew LTD

This machine is offered with a 12 month back to base Guarantee

Bed Type Flat-bed
Brand Jack
Dial for adjustment of alternating vertical movement By lever (with micro-adjustment)
Differential feed ratio For gathering 1:2 (Max. 1:4), For stretching 1:0.7 (Max. 1:0.6)
Direct-drive motor 400W
Feed Type Differential-feed
Inclination angle of the needle 20°
Light LED needle light
Lubrication Automatic
Machine Level Standard
Machine Type Overlock
Manufacturer’s guarantee This machine is offered with a 12 month back to base Guarantee
Max lift of the presser foot 5mm
Max presser foot pressure 63.7N (6.5kgf)
Motor Type Direct-drive
Needle bar stroke 24.5mm
Needle cooler Provided as standard
Needle gauge (mm) 2
Needle position Yes, Up & Down Function
Needle system1 DC×27,Bx27
Needle thread heat remover Provided as standard
Number of threads 5
Overegging width 4.0, 5.0, 6.0mm
Power requirement Single-phase 220V~240V 13 amp (can be used at home)
Stitch adjusting method By push-button
Stitch length (mm) 0.6 ~ 3.8
Table top dimensions L120cm x W54cm Height Adjustable from 70cm to 86cm
Type 2-needle overlock
Weight of the machine head 27kg
Max Sewing Speed (sti/min) 5,500
Number of needles 2
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