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Blind Stitch Foot

Blind Stitch Foot

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Blind Stitch Foot

A blind stitch foot, also known as a blind hem foot, is a sewing machine presser foot designed for creating blind hems on fabric. A blind hem is a type of hemming where the stitches are nearly invisible on the garment's right side, making it a neat and professional finish, especially on dress pants, skirts, or curtains.

The blind stitch foot helps you achieve this nearly invisible hem by guiding the fabric in such a way that the stitches catch only a tiny bit of the garment's right side while primarily securing the folded edge of the fabric.

Here's how to use a blind stitch foot:

Attach the blind stitch foot to your sewing machine, replacing the regular presser foot.

Fold and press the fabric edge where you want to create the hem. The folded edge should be the width of the desired hem allowance.

Place the fabric under the blind stitch foot, ensuring that the folded edge rests against the guide on the foot. The foot typically has a metal guide that you can use to align the fabric correctly.

Select the blind hem stitch on your sewing machine. This stitch is usually a combination of straight and zigzag stitches.

Begin sewing. The machine will stitch a few straight stitches into the folded edge of the fabric and then take a small zigzag stitch that reaches out to catch a minimal amount of the garment's right side. This creates a hem that is almost invisible from the outside.

Continue sewing along the edge of the fabric, following the guide on the blind stitch foot.

When you reach the end of the fabric, backstitch to secure the stitching.

Trim any excess fabric if necessary.

Using a blind stitch foot makes the process of creating a blind hem much easier and more precise. It ensures that your stitches are evenly spaced and that the hem appears nearly invisible from the outside of the garment. This is especially useful when you want to achieve a clean and professional finish on clothing and home decor items.

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